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[SOLVED] Crash when someone joins

Discussion in 'Support' started by GardevoirChan, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. GardevoirChan


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    Tried both over internet and LAN, my client just CTDs when someone joins. Please help
  2. Puppytine

    Puppytine Slayed dreamer

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    How exactly it does crash? Any error messages? Quote them directly, do not retell.

    MBII Launcher => Settings => check "Enable logging" => Repair installation.
    Post latest log from "Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII_Launcher\logs" here.

    Try this:
    MBII => Setup => Game Options => Defer player models => On .
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  3. GardevoirChan


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    Did not work. When it crashes I get no errors, it just closes.

    here is the log.

    "INFO: Launcher checks if MBII is installed > YES
    Movie Battles II Log file Created on: 10/8/2017 11:45:24 AM

    Current Launcher's configuration
    Installation type (Complete/Basic): COMPLETE
    Installation folder: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy\GameData\
    Client: MBII Client
    Custom launch parameters:

    Additional Informations
    OS: WINDOWS Microsoft Windows 10 Home
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
    INFO: Found version info file > 1.4.5
    INFO: Launcher checks for new version
    INFO: Launcher checks if MBII is installed > YES
    INFO: Repair installation started.
    FILE CHECKING: 1 MBII/MBAssets2.pk3 - A4D894A038604DC9A84A6F10C45A9D69 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 2 MBII/MBAssets3.pk3 - BA758E321C8E9D5623CCA63868B5550C OK
    FILE CHECKING: 3 MBII/MBAssets.pk3 - 335EB8F104C78D417FF16757B048BF19 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 4 MBII/z_MB_BaseAssets.pk3 - 4482665DA46DD2379B04D24A1C0C1712 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 5 MBII/FAMBModels.pk3 - D568482B896B89EC5903515ABA1669CF OK
    FILE CHECKING: 6 MBII/MB_Effects.pk3 - 9A503620C7891D4597569792AFA67586 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 7 MBII/MBHilts.pk3 - B975183831E8E1DAACD66F8B0C8F375B OK
    FILE CHECKING: 8 MBII/zz_MBModels2.pk3 - 7D9322EA0AC7F425118391C81146E9BB OK
    FILE CHECKING: 9 MBII/zz_MBModels.pk3 - 56D35C696EB7B0F0E6583B257D4D618D OK
    FILE CHECKING: 10 MBII/MBII_Mac.pk3 - 64AEEFB9D1080A041DC0B8150A90EFFB OK
    FILE CHECKING: 11 MBII/MBII.pk3 - 75168AA1D1C339F65B269314EF2B13C5 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 12 MBII/cgamei386.so - 033A73352DAB45E0D8938C2120E1E17F OK
    FILE CHECKING: 13 MBII/jampgamei386.so - 2BC393E3B5AB7FAE82D84804779965BB OK
    FILE CHECKING: 14 MBII/uii386.so - DAAD34F19D83E2726AD48B443CC8A615 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 15 MBII/mb2_alderaan.pk3 - 09AAAF1B52B715028DDE4B22C51E68DF OK
    FILE CHECKING: 16 MBII/mb2_boc.pk3 - E62612AF1675DAE89DD2100D5A045383 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 17 MBII/mb2_cloudcity.pk3 - 4D1A7C5E6DCEF1A8881233D0ED921079 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 18 MBII/MB2_Commtower.pk3 - 70EB87D087FB6A5EA435331682C6723B OK
    FILE CHECKING: 19 MBII/mb2_corellia.pk3 - 4A062ADB0E03C36BB51EDC15328598A1 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 20 MBII/mb2_Coruscant_chase.pk3 - 1359F2627A954C6F8813CCA9C55A1165 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 21 MBII/mb2_deathstar.pk3 - C9788AAA717B0DC4E98BA61797CFA589 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 22 MBII/mb2_dotf.pk3 - 78F6A6F5883F81479C6A7B001E4F0205 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 23 MBII/mb2_duel_emperor.pk3 - 6A34D8A3105D562536F5978241F41EBC OK
    FILE CHECKING: 24 MBII/mb2_duel_malachor.pk3 - 981254E4ECB6AD72D6D9AE3C542B7C91 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 25 MBII/mb2_duel_office.pk3 - 62B50C31C27757EE59DFE397273CF67B OK
    FILE CHECKING: 26 MBII/mb2_duel_ravager.pk3 - 339171BA8CC7B79742CA32D9CC87BB65 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 27 MBII/mb2_duel_revan.pk3 - 547A2FA235377D09DA6FEB2BFE4C010D OK
    FILE CHECKING: 28 MBII/mb2_duel_sabh.pk3 - 0BF8FD69C4ACEA83D2C3DC30FF50A1DC OK
    FILE CHECKING: 29 MBII/mb2_duel_senate.pk3 - 20061CD04063F7F6E51F61D64FB7B398 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 30 MBII/mb2_duel_starforge.pk3 - 61CF1DB4AA6E03237A9898BC005C2546 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 31 MBII/mb2_duel_starkiller_base.pk3 - 6CE27088F4A9826AB0D0D962904F85D9 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 32 MBII/mb2_duel_utapau.pk3 - B786AF2E79A92B787D5037ED98E297D5 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 33 MBII/mb2_duel_votj.pk3 - 43C0AAFD0A17C84792FE3E30DAA06CDA OK
    FILE CHECKING: 34 MBII/mb2_duel_yavin4.pk3 - 212283F5BE396A80038CD641CA259B82 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 35 MBII/mb2_echobase.pk3 - 1C91914C49916204C7B4AEC922DBE6E2 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 36 MBII/mb2_enclave.pk3 - 8070004DFF7E8662DF2CCE79816356E5 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 37 MBII/mb2_eravana.pk3 - 85E8EF0A7FD47C7978B0E52EF5BB61B5 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 38 MBII/mb2_jabba.pk3 - 9EE3A36D266954D05725AC2B8EBB5CE7 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 39 MBII/mb2_jakku.pk3 - 4292F36772104E1779735092DFE41B1A OK
    FILE CHECKING: 40 MBII/mb2_jeditemple.pk3 - 273C58FFF6F6970819CA76C17179FEF3 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 41 MBII/mb2_kamino.pk3 - D13A412A3660AC44592466E9F5ADD1A9 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 42 MBII/mb2_korriban.pk3 - F8E65DFFECFC474696CB0BE213FE1201 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 43 MBII/mb2_lunarbase.pk3 - 99B7A0351112057F0E765A323932582C OK
    FILE CHECKING: 44 MBII/mb2_moseisley.pk3 - 01A5962FC16011F21CC7C9E740325286 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 45 MBII/mb2_mustafar.pk3 - 217F0B62A5C73AA0939C3D5E443217F7 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 46 MBII/mb2_mygeeto.pk3 - 2801D63B2879C445F61A0474840E53BE OK
    FILE CHECKING: 47 MBII/mb2_rc_hangarC.pk3 - 155F5F582A398CE6DBDA5CC036A3535F OK
    FILE CHECKING: 48 MBII/mb2_republiccruiser.pk3 - 72CEEB2D1F76011F4629A91BCDC20A5B OK
    FILE CHECKING: 49 MBII/mb2_SDestroyer.pk3 - 7E8700227BE66C5FEBC688A986702F57 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 50 MBII/mb2_smuggler.pk3 - A67CDD85AEAB38C925946E0854AB8A59 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 51 MBII/mb2_tantiveIV.pk3 - 8F940DDC61252A256034C53E90543657 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 52 MBII/mb2_tatooine.pk3 - 71E01B31BE73B69E47284DCDFCF7FC67 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 53 MBII/mb2_theed.pk3 - BA2ED9B0B3319E5AAF94493B94EB203B OK
    FILE CHECKING: 54 MBII/mb2_tradefed.pk3 - 3644FB43919E8D8546A6A2E26EF95142 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 55 MBII/mb2_um_assets2.pk3 - 9347886EA6C6B69B553070385708C29A OK
    FILE CHECKING: 56 MBII/mb2_um_assets3.pk3 - 41F3036CD0E094685CC935959906616A OK
    FILE CHECKING: 57 MBII/mb2_um_assets.pk3 - CFCE066D95AF1F8FDF3BA295D3A37799 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 58 MBII/mb2_undeadstar.pk3 - D9AD55F4F8CA003FD9A76540B77805DA OK
    FILE CHECKING: 59 MBII/MB2_yavinassault.pk3 - 16E4A1D0B12D5D9DA4512EABBE48D51A OK
    FILE CHECKING: 60 MBII/forcecfg/blue/BH/Specialist.fcf - C0DFC94F4FE26678A562C991FB3B992E OK
    FILE CHECKING: 61 MBII/forcecfg/blue/BH/Default.fcf - 2A229DAC8168F8F30A8816B99D452307 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 62 MBII/forcecfg/blue/BH/Assault.fcf - 822F1E7EA976B4971A824815FFDE9FE8 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 63 MBII/forcecfg/blue/soldier/Default.fcf - 2EC21A932B467BD446B6085781FAB26A OK
    FILE CHECKING: 64 MBII/forcecfg/blue/soldier/Versatile.fcf - 2CBFD962A012B9E4802F2ADB66DB3822 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 65 MBII/forcecfg/blue/soldier/Assault.fcf - CAE7FC7162F8B28CD057B6EC2E1988AA OK
    FILE CHECKING: 66 MBII/forcecfg/blue/manda/Specialist.fcf - ADD6A10540C93AE45D011C364382DC6B OK
    FILE CHECKING: 67 MBII/forcecfg/blue/manda/Default.fcf - E17DBEC9C798F136CCA8F5843F014807 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 68 MBII/forcecfg/blue/manda/Assault.fcf - 734FAE030FE849247B16619CCA5D45B1 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 69 MBII/forcecfg/blue/SBD/Specialist.fcf - 50720BEA1B1C7E586573B8F85991AC27 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 70 MBII/forcecfg/blue/SBD/Default.fcf - EDA21E04BAF0F52C7B8F7D71C40A18D9 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 71 MBII/forcecfg/blue/SBD/Assault.fcf - 7A4159ACE8103218F8A878E403F0B3D4 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 72 MBII/forcecfg/blue/sith/Specialist.fcf - 1C1189E324F45839C2E875FAF9383D4E OK
    FILE CHECKING: 73 MBII/forcecfg/blue/sith/Default.fcf - D6474E30DBA2E964D04415D3AF7EBED0 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 74 MBII/forcecfg/blue/sith/Assault.fcf - 6EB443DCCE02E6A81555D23E73419768 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 75 MBII/forcecfg/blue/commander/Default.fcf - BD26A44EC2F6B34BA3AEFF4BBA3A676D OK
    FILE CHECKING: 76 MBII/forcecfg/blue/commander/Versatile.fcf - 3DCF3E526A9E399DB1C17981AEF5BE02 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 77 MBII/forcecfg/blue/commander/Assault.fcf - 1F0371F5168799A177084B76BD3C0562 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 78 MBII/forcecfg/blue/deka/Specialist.fcf - 4AC07CB1E511EF2C6525C6BA89E65D58 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 79 MBII/forcecfg/blue/deka/Default.fcf - A331469E7AC9FAE06B808E9197FFDDB9 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 80 MBII/forcecfg/blue/deka/Versatile.fcf - 53FF8577AEF7B2165887B7E223B1B431 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 81 MBII/forcecfg/red/soldier/Default.fcf - CFC15972D56E2C2AA0124B7653DF8B16 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 82 MBII/forcecfg/red/soldier/Versatile.fcf - 7376C6D792386FCE9E3D7F057E355511 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 83 MBII/forcecfg/red/soldier/Assault.fcf - 70523CC489E0DAB0AA129E6E377661C7 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 84 MBII/forcecfg/red/clone/Specialist.fcf - D98E0AAE1B8B2235BD50DA5B58243731 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 85 MBII/forcecfg/red/clone/Default.fcf - C64BD0257181579A47C42C38BCB6DB17 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 86 MBII/forcecfg/red/clone/Assault.fcf - CAA7E253B97C41BA66DE471DFA65C756 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 87 MBII/forcecfg/red/wookiee/Specialist.fcf - 09E5463A860340C35AD56A4B209D74BC OK
    FILE CHECKING: 88 MBII/forcecfg/red/wookiee/Default.fcf - 427E51921DA99F8588AF566D4A3D72FF OK
    FILE CHECKING: 89 MBII/forcecfg/red/wookiee/Assault.fcf - 7B49C9FFA0CF1E3ED8E5A4FFAA418AA3 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 90 MBII/forcecfg/red/jedi/Specialist.fcf - 69AB8FAACAFB65A076D6EAAE883EBDEC OK
    FILE CHECKING: 91 MBII/forcecfg/red/jedi/Default.fcf - 2B4FD294558092BF8CBDDBAFC12756E6 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 92 MBII/forcecfg/red/jedi/Assault.fcf - 749FC74043AEFCC792F79F74C30822F8 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 93 MBII/forcecfg/red/arc/Specialist.fcf - E2F41F2B967C6DD5C3AE16DE362FEFF4 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 94 MBII/forcecfg/red/arc/Default.fcf - FA60FC1663A00D86896FBEE6F095C312 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 95 MBII/forcecfg/red/arc/Assault.fcf - 552ADDC618B34CB571E23DF8E5F53BFB OK
    FILE CHECKING: 96 MBII/forcecfg/red/hero/Pistol.fcf - C586A0E425A5EC89991691EBF111F19C OK
    FILE CHECKING: 97 MBII/forcecfg/red/hero/Specialist.fcf - F37A6FE2E8FE28E01FB969249281F658 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 98 MBII/forcecfg/red/hero/Default.fcf - 1DB3B8485A1B1B18FE91834A70949CDA OK
    FILE CHECKING: 99 MBII/forcecfg/red/hero/Assault.fcf - 7570565BCFE0303AE4C9F2D7DEF5539C OK
    FILE CHECKING: 100 MBII/forcecfg/red/commander/Default.fcf - BB0055BF44BC055663D8D2F74AE11BA7 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 101 MBII/forcecfg/red/commander/Versatile.fcf - C6987523C3CDEBBF9B0B60A846408C37 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 102 MBII/forcecfg/red/commander/Assault.fcf - FCD0F5031E848E15836B9D88F8D7F743 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 103 MBII/server_config_default.cfg - E491511B3EE2DEC80CA047ED8863949B OK
    FILE CHECKING: 104 MBII/campaignrotation.mbcr - F824F1E40D71955508521DFFF7B7E7F8 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 105 MBII/oldtrilogy.mb2c - 01D5AE197665C428119AECDF8ABE7943 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 106 MBII/prequels.mb2c - 6F354F07BD22194E8EA92A261FE3718F OK
    FILE CHECKING: 107 MBII/mb2_newicons.ico - B369FA4B001CA48971230169D0DF1DDB OK
    FILE CHECKING: 108 MBII/mb2_um Map List.txt - 41CE6365C2720FED3998986950F65DA8 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 109 MBII/MBII Credits.pdf - 9A9888C2398B20E6D264444106D02978 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 110 MBII/MBII Maps-Models Credits.txt - 649A99B9AC683585C881A8D2DBCBF781 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 111 MBII/MBII Readme.html - E60A69CE7E86DDFEEF416DEBD7FB5853 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 112 MBII/OJP_readme.txt - 76F311C5408AD146D9297503B0B17077 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 113 MBII/OpenJK Readme.txt - 213CC4A60A444D135452A1386EEB81A7 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 114 MBII/version.info - 0AF9C3D29B9B6703B4244F81977A8D9A OK
    FILE CHECKING: 115 MBII/01_MovieGameMappack.pk3 - 1C43CD1198E205B2E921104A690775CF OK
    FILE CHECKING: 116 MBII/02_MovieGameMappack.pk3 - 50493B40735778572C2300A77D8A2469 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 117 MBII/031_MovieGameMappack.pk3 - 69AA2B1BA429D09EE0270189D96F4B72 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 118 MBII/03_MovieGameMappack.pk3 - 090AA3DD038767C1FA342AC9BCB893C7 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 119 MBII/mb2_cmp_assets2.pk3 - 8569B7474466FDF55A7EA02F614666AA OK
    FILE CHECKING: 120 MBII/mb2_cmp_assets3.pk3 - FEE878B632DF49778B057748ADF82993 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 121 MBII/mb2_cmp_assets.pk3 - EA507BCE3E7CD6D8021CD6BADD0A4E57 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 122 MBII/03_MovieGameMappack Map List.txt - 229ED40010C2EDE2D52F93ACBFF6EBDD OK
    FILE CHECKING: 123 MBII/mb2_cmp Map List.txt - 0B09BE29FEF4433FD45E57F3180DEB16 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 124 mbii.x86.exe - C0250F94E62F1324EF9A31FB92319198 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 125 rd-vanilla-mbii_x86.dll - 92AB494EA3D79CE77186DBBBAC0B3D77 OK
    FILE CHECKING: 126 SDL2.dll - AE58662A16410481B477B78B8D47460B OK
    FILE CHECKING: 127 Play_MBII.bat - E662EC4C5CABC6844131A02D05DE248D OK
    FILE CHECKING: 128 Play_MBII_CustomOJK.bat - CA707ECDC3C4B33DC28E4D85835CFADB OK
    FILE CHECKING: 129 RTVRTM.zip - 80D5ABB7EB756845FC450168EF5BC74D OK
    INFO: Cache updated
    INFO: Installation completed"
  4. Puppytine

    Puppytine Slayed dreamer

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    I see Jedi Academy isn't installed to default Steam folder.
    Try moving JA to default folder, its path usually look like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy".

    Shut down all running programs, especially anti-virus and any game recording software.

    Try switching to jamp:
    MBII Launcher => Settings => Engine => JAMP => Play.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
  5. GardevoirChan


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    That fixed it, except I can't launch it from the launcher "Jedi Academy has to be installed in steam's installation folder"
  6. Puppytine

    Puppytine Slayed dreamer

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    So... are you able to play Movie Battles now?
    It isn't very clear because of your next sentence.
    As I said, move Jedi Academy and Movie Battles installation to default Steam folder.
    Make sure MBIILauncher.exe is in "Jedi Academy\GameData" folder, which is in correctly moved to default Steam folder.
    Then, MBII Launcher => Settings => GameData path => make sure it points to GameData in default Steam folder.
  7. GardevoirChan


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    I'm only able to play the openjk version through a dedicated server, it kicks me out though cause I need to have two instances of the game open, (jamp and the mbii.x86) with the error "Please start the game via launcher and keep it running!" More openJK support would be nice.

    as for the steam problem, it's installed to the steam version of the game "F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy\GameData"

    I am going to try to see if I can get it to work on the non steam version.
  8. GardevoirChan


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    Ok launching it from a non steam version and hosting the server using the bat file via dedicated server using JAMP fixed everything. Thank you
  9. Puppytine

    Puppytine Slayed dreamer

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    I really can't understand what do you mean.
    Could you be more specific on how you exactly trying to run Movie Battles?
    Why do you need two instances of game running simultaneously?

    I want to point out you should NOT start a server via in-game menu or in-game console commands like "/map";
    The correct way to create a server is described here: Hosting Server: Windows
    You'll need to download additional binaries.

    As for "Please start the game via launcher and keep it running!", it's answered here: Windows technical FAQ/troubleshooting guide
    I said, this is NOT default Steam folder.
    Please move Jedi Academy to default Steam folder, its path usually look like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy".

    I'm glad if it's working now.
    Check the links above, there is some useful information about hosting servers and troubleshooting Movie Battles in general.
  10. GardevoirChan


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    I am trying to get it to work through OpenJK as jamp is limited and I have gotten to used to OpenJK

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