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Could not write the crash log file, but we printed it to stderr

Discussion in 'Bug Tracker' started by Puppytine, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Puppytine

    Puppytine Slayed dreamer Technical & Gameplay Support

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    When Movie Battles is started via MBII Client and it crashed, it does not create any crash logs and does not show message box with crash details.
    Instead, message box with text "recursive error after: VM_CreateLegacy on ui failed
    Could not write the crash log file, but we printed it to stderr.
    Try running the game using a command line interface." appears.

    Steps to reproduce bug:
    1. Go to "Jedi Academy\GameData" => right-click on "MBII" folder => Properties => Security => check "Write: deny" => OK
    2. Repeat N1 for Windows user temporary folder
    3. Start Movie Battles using MBII Client

    Expected result:
    A crash log must be created on hard drive.

    Actual result:
    A message box informing that it's not possible to create a crash log appears.
    No logs are created on hard drive.

    It does not happen when latest OpenJK is used instead of MBII Client.
    I believe there is a bug in OpenJK code which causes described behavior, but it only get compiled when portable version is on.
    OpenJK is NOT portable, while MBII Client is.
    The code I'm referring to is line 161 in this file: OpenJK/sys_win32.cpp at master · MBII/OpenJK · GitHub

    There is a workaround: create a directory called "(null)" inside of "Jedi Academy\GameData".
    After that, any crash logs will be saved in that folder.

    Dear Movie Battles team, please fix this bug.
    You can archive this either by modifiyng file "shared/sys/sys_win32.cpp", or by reporting this bug to OpenJK team and then merging changes they will do into MBII Client.






    Last edited: Feb 24, 2017

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