Consortium's first event(s) [EU only]

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You're all invited to Consortium's first set of PUBLIC events! Anybody (EU) is welcome to drop in and out whenever they please & we'll be on Voice Chat in Consortium's Discord.

The events will be on Monday 30th December. It starts at approximately 17:00pm (GMT+1) to give people time to arrive & sort out teams, the events will be hosted on Consortium's server. The server will be locked during the PUG, so please let us know if you're attending via Discord (see bottom text).

17:30pm - 18:30pm
will be an open PUG match with two captains that will be nominated on the day. Captains will take turns assembling their team via numbers. Each map will be a best of 7 (first team to reach 4 rounds won wins the map). Maps are not set as we want YOU to tell us what you want, the most highly requested maps will be announced and added to the roster on the day.

19:00pm - 20:00pm will then be FA-based, having participants to nominate their favourite FUNNY maps as we go on with the event. Teams will be random.

20:30pm - 21:30pm will be the brand new legends mode on any nominated map. Teams will be shuffled to prevent OP Imperial stacking.

22:00pm - 23:00pm will conclude the set of events with Jedi vs Sith on Duel mode. To prevent skill stack, teams will be shuffled. Any map.

Please react to the announcement post in Consortium's Discord to let us know whether you'll be attending, potentially attending or not at all. If you haven't reacted to that message, we won't count you.

Misc. Info
Any questions or concerns in regards to the events listed above then feel free to comment either on here, on our forums or on our Discord.

Thank you!

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If a 6 hour event wasn't enough for you, make sure you get on Consortium Duel afterwards to duel into the early hours of the morn