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    Chat & Player Names
    1. No flaming
      Flaming and/or making insulting remarks to other people is not tolerated. Insults and flames would include anything that is said with intent to anger, intimidate, demoralize, aggravate, threaten, and/or frighten. Anything that discriminates someone based on religion, sex, sexual affiliation, and/or race will also be considered as flames.
    2. No spamming
      Spamming is strictly prohibited. Spamming is defined as the same or similar message being repeated multiple times in quick succession, or a message crafted to be large enough to block other player's screens.
    3. Right to privacy
      You shall not violate a person's privacy by stating information that is private and personal without that person's consent.
    4. No advertising
      You are not permitted to advertise any clans, websites, or other groups unless in direct response to a question from another unaffiliated player (e.g. What does your tag stand for? Where can I join your group?).
    General Gameplay
    1. No Team Killing
      Intentional or overly careless damage or killing of your own team is not permitted.
    2. No Time Wasting
      Time wasting is defined as not playing the game with the intention of working toward or defending the map's objective. Hiding from other players away from the objective, especially if you are one of the few players remaining alive on your team, is not allowed.
    3. No Exploits or Cheating
      Players attempting to use cheats or other exploits will be banned on sight.
    Duel Mode Gameplay
    1. Respect Honor Duels
      Disruption of 1 vs. 1 fights via attacking, physically moving in the way, using force powers, melee, or any other action deemed disruptive, is prohibited.
    1. Violations of these rules will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Rule violators will be warned before escalating appropriately (force team, kick, temp ban, permanent ban, depending on context).
    2. Egregious offenses or repeated violations of rules by an individual will be dealt with more harshly.
    3. Ban evasion will result in a permanent ban if one is not already in place.
    4. Ban appeals for official servers may be made in the appropriate forum and judged based on circumstances and past history. The same mechanism should be used for reporting admin abuse.
    5. An admin found to be abusing their power will have their privileges revoked.
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