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    Code of Conduct
    1. You are only allowed one registered account on the forum. Evidence of duplicate accounts or 'sockpuppeting' will result in a permanent ban of all duplicate accounts.
    1. No flaming
      Flaming and/or making insulting remarks to other people on the forums is not tolerated. Insults and flames would include anything that is posted for the intent to anger, intimidate, demoralize, aggravate, threaten, and/or frighten. Anything that discriminates against someone based on religion, sex, sexual affiliation, and/or race will also be considered as flames.
    2. No trolling
      Please do not post any topic that disrupts these forums. Do not make non-intelligible threads with the sole purpose of starting a dispute or argument.
    3. No spamming
      Spamming is strictly prohibited. Your post needs to contribute to the discussion or the topic.
    4. No offensive posts, links or images
      Posting of or linking to material that could be considered as inappropriate is not allowed. These kinds of materials may include: pornography, nudity, hate-oriented material towards a group of individuals, sexual explicit material, and highly violent or disturbing material. Remember, kids come here too, so the forums should be PG rated.
    5. No illegal material or links to it
      We do not condone any illegal content or information for such things on the forums. Do not ask for help, do not help others, and do not give links to illegal content or anything that can lead to illegal content. This includes warez, cracks, serials and the like.
    6. Right to privacy
      You shall not violate a person's privacy by publishing information that is private and personal (either about a member or any person) without that person's consent.
    7. No advertising
      Unless explicitly authorized, we do not allow people to post threads, send private messages or eMail users here that advertise or solicit any products or services unless specifically requested by the involved party.
    This applies not just for general forum posting, but for public profile posts as well.

    Signatures / Avatars
    1. All rules outlined in the "Posting" section of this CoC apply to signatures and avatars as well.
    2. Additionally, signatures may not contain GIFs or other animated content.
    3. Signatures which violate any of these rules may be edited/deleted with or without prior warning at the staff's discretion.

    1. Threads/posts violating the CoC may be deleted or closed.
    2. Violating any rules outlined in this CoC will result in a warning via private message on first occurrence.
    3. Repeated violation of the Posting Guidelines may lead to a warning as well.
    4. If a second warning has to be issued for violating the same or a different rule, this will result in a temporary ban for 1 week.
    5. Trying to circumvent a temporary ban (e.g. by re-registering with a new account) will result in a permanent ban.
    6. Continuously violating the CoC (especially if a temporary ban had already been issued previously) will result in a permanent ban.
    7. In case of severe CoC violations we reserve the right to ban users temporarily or permanently without prior warning.
    8. Possible punishments for spamming include the reduction of your post count to 0.

    Posting Guidelines
    1. Stick to the rules outlined in the Code of Conduct.
    2. Please keep forum spam to a minimum. Try to make posts that will contribute to the thread, rather than simply saying whatever you feel like. The forums are not to be used as a chat room.
    3. Please refrain from using excessive profanity in your posts. Let the censor do its job - do not attempt to undermine it.
    4. Try to keep your posts on topic as much as you can. Going off-topic can usually turn a potentially good thread into a spamfest. Going off-topic in the off-topic forum is usually more acceptable than any of the other forums, since the off-topic forum is meant for general chit-chat.
    5. When you decide that you wish to post a topic, be sure that it is a strong enough topic for people to stay on. This way, the forums will be able to have more successful threads with much discussion rather than having multiple threads that are either spammed or simply ignored.
    6. When you have a strong topic chosen, and are ready to post it, be sure to post it in the correct forum.
      • "Community Discussion" is geared towards topics that occur within the MovieBattles mod.
      • "Bug Tracker" is put there so that people can report any bugs that they experience when playing the mod.
      • "Feedback and Gameplay" is for people to point out any observations they have made, and things they feel that may benefit the mod in the future.
      • "Support" is for people to ask for help with any problems installing or running the mod.
      • "Off Topic" is for anything not directly associated with the MovieBattles mod. However, this does not mean it is to be used as a spam forum.
      Posting in the correct forum will ensure that moderators do not have to spend time making sure everything is where it should be.
    7. Think before you post. When you have an idea for a thread or a post, think carefully about what you want to say, and how you want to say it before posting. Also ask yourself if it violates any of the forum rules in the CoC. If you think before your post, your post will have a higher quality and as will the rest of the posts in the forums.
    8. When discussing movies, books, or tv shows, give a spoiler warning if your post will disclose any information that could spoil the story. You wouldn't want to have the story spoiled if you didn't already have the information you have, so give them the same consideration.
    9. Give proper respect to everyone, especially the MovieBattles modding team. Remember that they are not being paid to do all this work, and are spending countless hours for YOU.
    10. Do not resurrect or re-post any thread/post that has been deleted, edited, or closed. Doing so will result in the same moderating action as before. If you do this repeatedly, you may face a temporary ban.
    11. Do not revive old or dead threads unless you have substantially new content to add. If the last post in a thread was made more than 3 weeks ago, the thread is to be considered "old".
    12. When deciding to post a thread, make sure there isn't already one on the same subject. Also, when asking a question for help on something, first search for an answer on google, and/or check the forums using the "Search" tool to see if the question has already been answered.
    13. Be specific in the naming of your topic. This will aid in thread searches and help prevent someone from posting something you already have.
    14. Do not make threads or posts that boast your alleged "skills". For instance, posting a picture of you with an incredibly good score, and the purpose of this post only being to boast your own talents.
    15. Do not make threads or posts requesting someone to do a job for you, such as make you a skin, an avatar, a sig, a replacement mod, etc. Deal with this sort of thing via private message.
    16. If you need to contact someone about something, do it via pm. This also includes server complaints.
    17. Any threads about you "leaving the community" will be locked on sight. These threads are only ways for getting attention and sympathy, and just invite spam and flames.
    18. If you are not a moderator, it is not up to you to demand topics to be closed or other users to be banned. So - do not do it.
    19. Do not make posts or threads with the intention of revoking a response from another player, or group of players.
    20. Do not post unban requests for unofficial servers, or make posts and/or threads about an wrongful ban from an unofficial server. We do and will not control what a clan does or doesn't do with their servers.
    Additional guidelines for "Feedback and Gameplay"
    1. Do not demand or assume that something in the mod will or should be altered, added, or removed simply because you say so. The team makes this mod, for free, and they decide what they want to do with it.
    2. When debating a topic, do not simply repeat the same exact argument and ignore all thoughts/ideas that are presented by others. This causes debates to be simple spamfests where people are simply repeating themselves over and over, and leave the thread as a waste of space.
    3. Do not resort to flaming of another for any reason. Discuss the ideas, not the people who present them.
    4. Outright complaining of features in the mod that do not have any sufficient information to backup their claims of unbalance is not allowed. The team decides what they believe to be balanced, not you.
    5. If you're going to make any feedback on gameplay features or suggest possible gameplay features to be included in the future, make sure that your post/thread is properly thought out, researched, and organized.
    6. Do not make threads/posts about so-called unbalance simply because you lost to something in-game due to your own mistakes. Only make threads/posts based on something you believe may in-fact be unbalanced based on your experience when using and being defeated by the specific feature you are trying to discuss.
    7. When trying to make an argument or point, please try to give proper information to back it up.
    8. Please use the appropriate tags for feedback and proposals.
    Replacement Mods
    1. Any replacement mod links, advertisements, etc will be deleted on sight unless they contain the following:
      • A link to the original file
      • Explicitly mentioning the original author's name
      • Explicitly mentioning that you did not make the skin and/or model and that you only did a simple task of changing the directories around so that it is playable in Movie Battles.
    2. This also applies to links in signatures.
    1. Threads/posts violating these guidelines may be closed or deleted.
    2. Violating any of these guidelines repeatedly may lead to a warning or temporary ban.
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