Not a bug Clone rifle / Arc trooper / SBD questions

Hello, I am a bit confused about the firing rate of the Clone trooper compared to the SBD, and the dexterity of an Arc trooper.

I noticed that rifle 2 on the clone trooper has a faster firing rate than an SBD wrist laser 3 and the level 3 clone rifle is seemingly just like a laser pointer, Is it supposed to be like that especially for a class with 2 lives? Also, I noticed that the dexterity level 1 and 2 for the Arc trooper are 0 and 0 for point costs and that doesn't seem right since the Mandalorian still needs to spend points for fuel when it comes to movement. Furthermore, I noticed on the SBD point menu that magnetic plating is supposed to also deflect blaster bolts but I have not seen that at all yet while playing.

Also, I noticed that Cortosis armor appears to bugged/ broken as jedi lightsabers are not turning off when attacking an SBD with it (the points menu says it's supposed to deactivate a jedi's lightsaber briefly)
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Clone rifles deal less damage than SBD arm blaster so higher rate of fire still makes sense for them, although I don't completely believe that CR2 fire rate is more than SBD Firepower 3. also a clone who grabs CR3 is unable to afford reinforcements, so it becomes a 1 life class when it runs that build.

Dexterity 1 and 2 are 0 points now because Dexterity is the main quirk of ARC troopers, and before the point cost change, ARCs had to spend a stupid amount of points to even afford it which ended up with them losing access to a lot of build variability. Mando gets his jetpack for free, and Mando point costs on all his abilities is far more forgiving than the point costs were on ARC troopers, mandos had no issue with getting good builds with their 80 points, ARCs had to pick and choose a lot just to make their main quirk viable.

Magnetic plating does deflect baster bolts, its just not a 100% deflection rate, it decreases damage taken, and deflects blaster bolts at around a 40-50% rate I'd say.

And Cortosis is working as intended, what you are thinking of is called Cortosis 2, which is an FA/Legends thing. Cortosis just significantly decreases damage from lightsabers and causes them to bounce off the SBD (not swinging through the SBD)


laser point? only when standing, clone only benefits from standing accuracy.
arcs were buffed, they are meant to be more mobile. as such they got dex 2 inherit.
magnetic plating does work for small arms, it will bounce off. more noticable when the shooter.
cortosis 2 is what you refer to, that hasn't been a thing for many a patch