Capture The Flag Final Open Beta


Capture The Flag Final Open Beta​

The final Capture The Flag Open Beta starts today Saturday October 9th, at 4:00pm GMT or 11am US Central time. Both a European and an American server will be available for testing. Download size is roughly 2.5GB.

If you haven't already, you can set up discord notifications for yourself when it starts in the #official-events channel at the top and you can join the Open Beta Tester role via the #rules-roles channel as well to be notified of future open betas.

In order to participate in the Open Beta you must follow the instructions for installing the new launcher and starting open beta. Click the link below and follow the instructions.

If you haven't already also check out some details on the new Death Star level coming with CTF here.

After you have played the beta, be sure to leave feedback in the thread below.


Capture the Flag
  • Feature: Capture The Flag
    • Capture The Flag has two variants. 2 flag and 1 flag.
      • 2 flag is like traditional CTF. Capture the enemy flag and take it back to your base.
      • 1 Flag has a central flag location, that you then need to take to the enemy base to capture.
    • CTF Rounds last up to 12 minutes depending on the level settings. If after time is up and the score is even, the game will enter a 1 minute "Overtime".
    • Once the round is up, teams will swap sides of the map.
    • CTF has a new respawning system. Instead of having a limited number of lives in a round there are now "infinite" lives. However, respawns are no longer instant, and each class has a respawn timer. Reinforcement point count is also taken into consideration.
      • Baseline respawn times:
        • 1 Life Classes: 40 Seconds
        • 2 Life Classes: 24 Seconds
        • 3 Life Classes: 12 Seconds
        • Changing class: 48 seconds
      • On low population servers the respawn times above will be halved until there are more than 8 in-game players. Respawn time will then scale up until the maximum time is reached at 16 players.
      • In Full Authentic / Legends mode, the system works the same until a class has more than 2 extra lives. 3 extra lives will reduce the timer to 9 seconds, then every extra life beyond that will reduce it by another second until it is instant. FA authors may also use the new MBCH key respawnCustomTime to simply specify a maximum respawn time.
    • Flag Carrying Restrictions: Certain abilities cannot be used while carrying the flag, and will drop the flag on use.
      • Force Speed
      • Force Mind Trick
      • Jetpack
      • Droideka Roll
      • Wookiee Rage.
    • Flag Carrying Debuffs: Certain abilities get debuffs when used while carrying the flag
      • Force Jump - Drains more while using jump. (2x)
      • Running - Movement speed is reduced by 10% while running.
    • When a flag is dropped, it cannot be instantly picked up and it will have to be recaptured. To recapture it you must stand within the capture area around the flag for a few seconds.
    • Each flag and base has a 3D Objective icon and radar icon on it. If a flag has been taken its 3D icon is not always visible, but will periodically flash on the screen instead.
  • New: Added option to reduce opacity of siege objective help icons (cg_helpIconOpacity / Settings > UI > UI Options 2).
  • New / Change: Updated flag status indicators.
  • Change: Round timer and other nearby HUD elements are now hidden when Join menus are open.
  • Fix: The directional arrows in the bar indicating capture zone capture progress should display properly now.
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Backstreets
  • New: 1 & 2 Flag CTF Deathstar
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Eravana
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Imperial
  • New: 1 Flag CTF Jedi Temple
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Scarif
  • New: 1 Flag CTF Star Destroyer
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Theed
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Tusken
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Yavin
  • New / Change: 2 Flag CTF Ascension

  • New: 2 Flag CTF Rift
  • New / Change: 2 Flag CTF Ocean Temple
  • New / Change: 2 Flag CTF Medievil
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Halo BC
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