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Since we’ve had to move all of our stuff over to a new webhost and domain, we have also decided against a bug tracker for the time being. Bug reporting here on the forums however will remain the same.

When reporting bugs please try and use the following form before sending the report in. This report form is only for bugs that do not have game breaking consequences, so if it has the potential to crash the server or be abusable and cause problems for the community please send either myself or a team leader a personal message and we will check it out discreetly.

  • Summary of the bug
  • Steps to duplicating the bug (if you do not have this, or the following step, please do not post a bug report, if I or another team member are not familiar with the bug the thread will be trashed)
  • Include a demo/screen or an unlisted youtube video that details the step by step for duplicating the bug (upload to a free file hosting site like filefront, mediafire or dropbox)
I will have an updated thread for all non-game breaking bugs that have been fixed, and those will later be added to the change log on official release of new builds.
Not open for further replies.