Bring back 1.3?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Gameplay' started by cannonfodder, May 20, 2017.

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  1. cannonfodder


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    So lots of people have been leaving mb2 and raging about the new updates, and everyone i've asked have agreed that one of their most enjoyed updates that people liked, was 1.3, and i agree, 1.3 was great in terms of dueling and stuff, but lacking in many other aspects

    I think we should bring back the 1.3 dueling system, but change a few things like nerfing a few style perks *cough*cyan,red*cough*. we can have a semi block thing that instead of negating all damage, it negated half of the BP loss, we could have the indicators that we are getting next update, and the spin mechanic was good in terms of fighting spammers, cause you can just step back and they'll spin out, working as a punishment that isnt as OP as the 70 bp pblock counter we have currently, i think that the pblock counter sohuld be instant how it is, but doesnt do as much bp as it does now, i think we should have the old pblock zones back and old speed and bp drain.

    people Loved the 1.3 dueling system, and what really ruined it was OP style perks, so we should change those, but other than that 1.3 was pretty good, we can always change open to how it is now that way jedi/sith arent OP as crap against gunners like they were.

    1.3 was fun at dueling cause duels werent resolved by 2 pblock couters instantly like they are now, 1.3 you actually had to move around and the duels were extended so you could actually have a long fair even duel that proves to be more fun than infuriating, and you actually had to think about what you were doing instead of just doing the turtle and counter swing strat, or the spam attack faster than they can attack back. cause those are just dull and no fun at all

    i think we should bring most of 1.3 back but have a few changes to make it fair, A FEW CHANGES not 1.4 ammount of changes
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  2. Jameson


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    I love it. A lot of people hate mb2, lately
  3. LoU

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    Those who didn't play 1.3, love 1.3.1
    Those who didn't play 1.2 love 1.3
    Those who didn't play b17 love b18

    And so on...

    They probably didn't play previous versions, so they would rather revert game's mechanics to "current_version - 1"...
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  4. Chorb


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    Id actually love if we coudl band thogether and host a bunch of 1.3 servers. We need to find people, who still have old 1.3 client files and 1.3 server side files and then share them. It woudl be a test of how many people woudl rather come back to 1.3, and how many woudl stay playing live.

    I dont really wish to fracture such a small community, think of it as a bunch of old players enyoying a good time. And if the new people start joining us, instead of more easy to find and get into live version. It woudl send a message.
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