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Hosting Server BotLibShutdown: bot library used before being setup

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Hello, I have been getting an error when I try to implement certain NPC and vehicles into map entity lists for my server.
The error is "BotLibShutdown: bot library used before being setup"

This error shows up for some NPCs, but not all, and I am confused as to why this is happening. The map is mb2_jeditemple,
I have been able to add a siege item, a tauntaun, and a jabba, but I cannot add other things like : saber_test_dummy, luke npc, reborn npc, and jedi npc.
I have edited the entities on mb2_coruscant_chase for another server, and it worked fine with no issues (I was able to add the luke npc, for example.)

I've looked around, and people think it is an issue to do with MB2, or rather something I'm not doing to make it compatible for MB2.

Is anyone able to help shed light on this issue? Appreciate any and all replies.