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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ----Kas----, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Hello everyone,

    I learned recently that there is a person who uses my nickname in order to insult others in game. One of my friends contacted me on facebook and asked why I was so rude to him.
    I haven't been an active player recently due to my responsibilities. If you met some jerk using my name during last 4 months then you should know it wasn't me.

    All I can do is to apologize everyone who got upset because of the actions of that imposter. Unfortunately the damage is done.

    Best regards everyone,
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    Ask your friend when and where it happened. Then contact the owner of that server. If it is official one you can contact the Developers here (servers have logs, stuff can be looked in to.)

    I recall similiar thing happening on AOD 2 or 3 years ago.
    - Some ass has taken the name of a member privilieged withing their ranks and told the newcomers on trial to can change ranks. The newbs were kicked just like that. Interesting approach AOD, very... efficient.
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    Tell me about it... Apparently I've also sometimes been seen during periods where I was inactive, going around servers insulting and acting like a vile person.. laming people etc. Nice to give a heads up on this kind of bullcrap. Some people just don't have the balls to troll using their real name so they act like cowards, steal other peoples names and try to soil their reputation and get them hated. Funny thing is when you encounter your own imposter. I remember a few years ago this happened on a dueling server and I was playing anonymously under padawan name. Then I joined the server? And I beat myself up. Had to change my name to sev and try to explain the situation. Pain in the ass, nothing you can do. Let's hope ppl understand that sometimes ppl namefake. It's happened to many ppl over the years, so lets just hope that we as a community can differentiate between random degenerate trolls and the actual players themselves.
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