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    Hello there. I am a new player to movie battles 2. After I downloaded the mod and started playing it, I noticed that I had a serious problem. Movement. Now, of course, simple things such as wasd, jump, crouch and walk are easily done, but I had problems setting up the controls for use, force power use, force power change, and these item use keybinds, together with taunts, class special, hell I dont even know how to use voice commands.

    Simply put, I would like to know your keybinds, or atleast have a preferred setup for starters. My keybinds are a mess right now and sadly this fact is hindering my performance. Also I would like to point out that I have a basic keyboard (with a numpad, dont worry) and a normal mouse, so dont expect any MOUSE5 or MOUSE7 stuff anytime soon.

    Thank you very much for reading.
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    Hello and welcome :)
    I will let others share their binds as mine are quite weird, but nevertheless I'd like to respond to two things you mentioned.
    1) You don't really need to use "force power change", don't get used to it. Just bind each used force to separate key, it's a better way.
    2) Using voice cmds is simple. Esc - controls - other - voice commands (or smth like that). Mine is bound to V. Press V, choose a category by pressing any number key and choose a command there. For example, it would be useful for you to learn: 21 (need assistance), 45 (we're being flanked) and 42 (incoming enemy forces).
    Cheers and have fun :)
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    What your keybindings are is mostly preference however some functions are better being certain keys due to their ease of access. However if you find a competent replacement, use it if it’s more comfortable for you.

    I'm guessing you've probably already seen this but if you haven't, this bind is extremely helpful
    /bind 1 "weapon 1"
    /bind 2 "weapon 2"
    /bind 3 "weapon 3; weapon 5; weapon 6"
    /bind 4 "weapon 4; weapon 9"
    My personal adjustment to that however is setting 'Throwable items' (that is grenades, detanators, mines etc) to 4 and moving snipers, bowcasters and so on to 5.
    You need to keep the 4 most important weapons with in your WASD hands range (Number 1-4) as you’re not always gonna have the time to reach over to numbers 5-9 in the middle of combat. Since I play Soldier and ET more than I do Hero/BH or Wookiee, I have throwable weapons bound to 4, as you’re sometimes gonna need an alt frag or concussion nade to create some distance between you and an opponent.

    Class Specials binds are also important to keep near if you want to execute quick maneuvers (Arc Trooper lunge/Hero Dash) or time abilities to properly counter certain attacks (dodge) but it's also really imporant for duelling. Some people bind it to Q and E, others to Mouse 4 and 5 but most I know have it to X and C. It's your choice.
    Alt Abilities though don't need binding at all as there's a very slim chance you'll ever actually need to use them outside from a couple Full Authentic maps or if you have overlapping Hero abilities.
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    bind q cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 0
    bind r cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 9

    helps with dueling a bit when you want to practise something
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    Q for saberthrow.
    E for slap.
    R for reload.
    C for taunt.
    F +use
    G for Lightning/Grip (I rebind if needed).
    1 MT (You can bind this to change lightsaber stance if u dont have mouse buttons, and include MT in G)
    2 for weaponnext ( Easily switch from saber to melee or from gun to nade and back )
    3 speed
    4 sense
    Mousewheel is scroll forward Push
    Mousewheel scroll backwards Pull
    I have two buttons on the side of my mouse that I bind to change from thirdperson to firstperson and +stance to change lightsaber stance.
    If you play gunner I recommend you find a good bind to change between first person and third, and go first person when you are close up dueling, and use third for corners and longer range fights and if u are with your team.

    F5 class config

    , for meditate
    . for bow
    x for voice cmd
    u for whispers/private msg.
    bind F1 cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 1
    bind F2 cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 0.9
    Bind F3 cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 0

    Also make sure you have in console
    /seta cg_thirdpersontargetdamp 1
    /seta cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 1
    /rate 25000 at least.
    /snaps 40
    /cl_maxpackets 100
    cl_packetdup 1
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