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Antivirus false positive


The IDP.Generic is not related to one specific file. It is a common threat name and could be found anywhere, such as when using a python file or somewhere in your game folders.

Most people experiencing this use Avast antivirus tools, although it has been found with other antivirus programs as well.

Of course if your antivirus tells you it has detected a potential virus, you are going to want to know what it is, how much of a threat it is, and whether you can safely play your games or use other programs.

Your game will likely not even start if your antivirus finds this type of threat in the game files.

Many Windows users want know whether an IDP.Generic warning could be a false positive, or if it is actually malware on their system.

IDP.Generic Meaning​

If you see this warning, it means the identity protection part of your antivirus program has flagged up a generalized file.

IDP is an abbreviation of identity protection. Whenever a file acts like malware, this flag will be triggered by your antivirus and you will be alerted.

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