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    Hello together

    From the point of view of a passionate ARC trooper:

    I kind of feel that there's something wrong with the clone weapons.

    Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I noticed that the Clone Pistols needs up to 7 shots against a 100/100 until they go to 0.
    I somehow have the feeling that 7 shots are just too much, even if there is no headshot underneath.

    Minimum 4 are necessary. (Headshots(3)+1 Random)

    Is this intended?

    Also, it seems to me that the speed of the M5 sniper shots is somehow not right. As if they are simply normal CP shots that simply do more harm (x1.75 of a normal shot). That doesn't make sense with a sniper duel.

    Yes, the M5 sniper has a bigger magazine but that doesn't make it a sniper weapon.

    It is really damn difficult to act as a supporter with a sniper (or Mando with the 2nd ee-fire mode) if you want to support a Jedi v Sith. Because the speed of the bloce simply takes too long to reach the target.

    What is your opinion? Am I completely mistaken?

    Another question: A Sith was hit by the effect of a Sonic grenade and "keeps his ears closed", is it also thought here that he can still fend off passive shots? when the right mouse button is not pressed?

    I had one recently when I wanted to snipe away an affected one with the M5.



    PS: English is not my mother tongue, forgive any grammatical mistakes.
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    I do agree that the clone pistol is under powered. Although its strength lies in the bouncing ability, on its own in a fight it's weak. M5 on the other hand I feel is fine as it is, yeah sure the sniper shots don't do crazy damage but you don't have to change mode like with the EE-3. You can also shoot it instantly when scoped in. Sure you can achieve the same with EE-3 if you script but that's beside the point.

    If they are hit by a sonic grenade, holding block doesn't help.
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    m5 also has more sniper shots before reload
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    The sniper is pretty damn good if you use it as a hybrid mid-range weapon rather than a stationary long range sniper. You gotta move around and dominate with scoping and wallrun etc and be active, then it can be extremely powerful. I agree with you on the clone pistols for arc. They feel underwhelming and M5 just feels like a better choice all the time. Tbh same goes for mando EE3 over westars. There was a time when westars were the trademark of mando and you'd play westars + proj or smth like that.

    It might have something to do with dual pistols inherently being a bit wonky in how they shoot, but I wouldn't mind seeing clone pistols and westars be slightly tweaked so they are a more compelling choice, rather than the meta always being m5/ee3.
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    I agree with all 3 answers! Thanks for the feedback :)
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    dodge works against cp3. is this intended? then i need 7 shots becaus dodge wont let me hit the head
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    -Dodge works so long as you face the shot, if they bounce from behind them they cannot
    they were shot from the front and the timing of your bounce shot is the same. Dodge gives them invulnerability if the front shot causes the animation to dodge

    I don't know if I think arc pistol underpowered, I started using them and they are op when it comes to harassment for snipers sitting on other end.
    Arcs just blow at cqc IMO, I despise the CP's left and right shit.

    Westar m5 I like but i despise the mag reload animation still and the sniper mode eats too much ammo
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    Gotta disagree. The clone pistols aren't great for CQC because of the left/right thing as you mentioned, but ARCs do just fine overall. If you need to gain distance to shoot them, do the mega dex roll. If you're cornered (though, you can usually roll around them), you can usually do a flip or wallrun over their head, and follow that up with a roll. If you decide you don't want to shoot them, switch to melee and legsweep. Unless the sith is smart enough to crouch (they usually don't, unless they know how you play and are expecting it) you'll knock them down and buy yourself some time to do whatever.

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