Alternate Revan and Jedi Exile models

So, we've got some Revan and Jedi Exile models both in vanilla mb2 and in custom model packs, but they're not quite what I think of when it comes to Revan or the Exile. Revan unmasked typically uses the swtor design, or the closest looking one from kotor 1. Jedi exile models typically use the "Jedi Jesus" design, as we see in FA Dxun, or this one female head that kinda looks like the one from swtor. What I'm requesting is a model pack that contains all the different head models from K1 and K2. Making it wouldn't be too hard, you'd just need four body models for male Revan, female Revan, male Exile, and female Exile, (could probably rip the robe models from their respective games) and then put the different heads on. If you need any help ripping the files from kotor, there's probably some guys on deadlystream that could help you. Including Jedi robed versions of K2 characters could also be a good addition while you're putting heads on bodies, specifically Atton, Mira, and the Disciple would be appreciated.]

If this already exists, which I think it might, point me in the direction of it.
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The Unguided

Movie Battles II Team
Thing is, nobody will do it for you. It's not just about difficulty but time and effort. Nonetheless if you think it wouldn't be too hard, I can't help but wonder why don't you do it yourself. >.>