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[SOLVED] after Uninstalling No servers are found

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I know some of you guys may or may not have seen many of these posts before but I just need some personal help on this.

I've had to deal with this problem for about a year now and its been driving me to the point of hysteria because I am finding nothing related to this issue in the ways of answers, one time I downloaded this mod, then I uninstalled it because I just kinda preferred the Villa game (Don't judge me) and well...after deleting the mod and running the game again, no servers show up, none, I have tried reinstalling, deleting files, everything, and I still cant find nothing, I know I posted something related to this issue on another thread but for gods sake please, any one who knows any thing about this issue, tell me something, what did I do wrong?

I have a feeling I was being dumb when I deleted the mod and now bricked multiplayer play to the point where not even favorite servers are showing up
but like I said if any one knows what I have done wrong and what I should do I will gladly take it, all I want to do is play the game in its original form


the grinch
Movie Battles II Team Retired
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See posts here: [SOLVED] - Server list empty

tl;dr: Ravensoft's master server is down. You can try setting up your client to use JKHub's instead. Absolutely nothing to do with MBII's installation or uninstallation (unless you removed it manually and deleted more than the mod files, but you probably wouldn't be able to run the game at all then).

We began running our own master server for MBII because of the many instances over the years of Raven's going down for months at a time.