A truly thrilling experience! (An open thank you letter.)

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Just wanted to drop a post for you hard working individuals both developing the mod and those keeping the community active through all these years.

Playing this mod has not only reignited my love for the game (first time I've installed/played JKA in over 10 years) but my love for video games in general. I've not had half this much fun playing many, if not any, recent game releases. The online is damn right tough with all you veteran shooters and mechanically smart duellers but that's something to strive for, beating a sweaty guy with a clan tag is not just a goal but an achievement (if it ever happens for me.) Open battles feel so damn right Star Warsy with troopers blasting endless shots down corridors, explosions and wilhelm screams, sense of threat from any enemy player if you make a wrong move and the relentless sound bites of quotes.

To everyone who is still involved in this mod in anyway, I can't thank you enough and you keep doing what it is you're doing because you're doing it right!

(now just to git gud, wish me luck)