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  1. Kitho

    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.2 Released

    At the moment I wonder if you guys actually play the game.. or if you read the changelog and then start to speculate about the utmost rare cases.. and make up some shit. :D
  2. Kitho

    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.2 Released

    There is no reason to argue about something that most likely didn't even happen. I suggest basing your criticism on actually recorded footage and not on some pseudo statements. I don't think anyone on the development team is interested to turn Jedi\Sith into total weaklings. Yet a jedi or sith...
  3. Kitho

    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.2 Released

    I am pretty sure that you are making some of those numbers up on the fly. Can you please 'scientificly' proof them. Otherwise some people will actually believe those extreme exaggerations. I fully agree with you though that blobs are an issue atm.
  4. Kitho

    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.2 Released

    Let's not forget about clones that can easily destroy Sith. Blob,..dead. But I also agree with poison being ridiculous.
  5. Kitho

    Dev Diary - Server List Discord Bot

  6. Kitho

    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.2 Released

    I tested this on a public server as well and I actually enjoyed playing Jedi/Sith for the first time in a long while. Before the change they were crazy overpowered and now you have to actually play smart. It was fun killing that scrub Qwerty, he had no excuses for losing as a gunner this time. =)
  7. Kitho

    Hello I am new. - iXin

    Hello iXin welcome to the game. I hope you have fun!
  8. Kitho

    ARC Grappel Hook?

    To "balance it out" *cough* you could improve the ARCs climbing-abillities as well. =) Make him have Jump 3 Wallruns... would be hilarious. ofc. only while he is in melee
  9. Kitho

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    Welcome dear guy ! =)
  10. Kitho

    JpK is back :D

    Yea I rembember you guys! Welcome back!
  11. Kitho

    Hello there

    Yes welcome aboard boi! =)
  12. Kitho

    Proposal: Voice Game System

    But it would be worth it! Maybe..
  13. Kitho

    Hi Guys

    Oh hey there! Ghost =)
  14. Kitho

    Server List

    Thank you!
  15. Kitho


  16. Kitho

    Proposal: Voice Game System

    I really like the idea of having an ingame Voice-Chat with microfone. Maybe you can add something like in DaYZ where the proximity plays a role and you can hear where they are talking from!
  17. Kitho

    PUG Friday, 1800GMT 08.01.2016

    I might join as well cant tell for sure yet though
  18. Kitho

    Greetings from the Eternal Empire

    Greetings..Wy so serious?
  19. Kitho

    Server Administrator Rules

    Very ok with it
  20. Kitho

    Technical Issue I can't use lightsaber

    Maybe you should read this thread! You need to spend your 80 Class-points, thats how you can unlock sabers and force powers. The same goes for other classes. Otherwise you can only fight with your fists.