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  1. DraakoorHD

    MB2 Server spawn npcs and dummys without devmap

    Hi, I saw on 2 servers who using npcs and dummys for combo training. Is it possible to spawn them without devmap (enabling cheats). Best Regards, Draakoor
  2. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Server is not creating a a logfile

    Hi, there my server is not creating a logfile. I switched from windows to linux (debian 8). I have the following cvars in my server.cfg: seta g_log "mixed.txt" // Filename to record logging information to. ex: "serverlog.txt" If left blank, do not log. seta g_logClientInfo "1" // Logs client...
  3. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Fastdownload/HTTP Download

    Hi there, is it possible to use HTTP/Fastdownload server, because I started mapping today and I am using them on my own servers. Link to fastdl: Index of /fastdl/mb2 Server.cfg: seta sv_dl_maxRate "42000" // increase/decerease if you have plenty/little spare bandwidth seta sv_allowDownload "1"...
  4. DraakoorHD

    1.4 Dotf Kyle as Naboo Guard

    Is that normal? Screens: Steam Community :: Screenshot Steam Community :: Screenshot
  5. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Com_pushevent overflow

    Hello Guys, My open server is always getting com_pushevent overflow and I cant connect to the server. My duel server runs fine without any problems. Can somebody help me? King Regards, Draakoor
  6. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Looking for a tool like Bigbrotherbot

    Hi Guys, I know JKA is based on Q3-Engine so I decided to start developing a parser for JKA/MB2, also I am looing forward for a tool like B3, because I need a automessanger/spambot that spams every 5 mins some information about the server. King Regards, Draakoor
  7. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Server cvars for preveting ghosting

    Hi, I am new to MB2, I setup up my server yesterday but I have a problem: Everybody is ghosting and I cant do anything against it. I already did these things: seta g_FullSpecTalkToPlayers 0 seta g_noSpecMove 1 Is that correct? I really need help. King Regards, Draakoor