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    Dev Diary - Hosting Migration

    :) Nfo webhosting is $10 a month so you know.
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    Tempest's Saber Build

    Through testing the open beta I too support Tempest's new build. Hopefully this time it'll see the light of day. I havent posted on this forum in over 2 year's but this itself got my attention because I would rather see Movie Battles 2 Be great again.
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    US Applying for Administrator Position.

    I Vouche for Rosh+, I believe he will be a great addition to the team.
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    V1.4.4 Update Released!

    You guy's said you will be bringing back pop sniping this patch and you didn't.....
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    [Videos] MBII Funny Moments Montages

    The more you practice the better you will become!
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    MBII Development: Looking to the future

    As much as I think it would be funny to see a running SBD I think it is fine where it is now.
  7. J

    MBII Development: Looking to the future

    Sound's interesting for sure.
  8. J

    US Admin app

    I've been able to get to know Vix over the past couple of week's, Has a consistent positive attitude and is willing to help new player's. I believe if given a chance Vix would prove to be a decent admin for the Offical Movie Battles Server's.
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    US Applying for Administration

    I read and accepted the administration rule's as you requested :)
  10. J

    Server Administrator Rules

    I Acknowledge the Official server Administration rule's.
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    US Applying for Administration

    Hello, I was wondering how long this process take's as well has how my screening process is going. Hope to hear from you soon! Bye for now!
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    US Applying for Administration

    MBII Experience: How log have you been playing MBII. I've Been playing mb2 since b16, make's me feel old! Age: How old are you? 27. Description: who are you? Just an average person who like's to play video game's as a hobby, enjoy dealing with technology, building and fixing computer's operating...