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    PUG 1 EU! Friday 25th 7pm UTC - CANCELED

    Careful Leo, don't step on the toes of Garth, the Sith Lord hiding behind the veil of Valkyrie.
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    Wassup, yall. Its Mista to the Playa.

    Are u gonna finish the rosh edit?
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    Should I get MDII?

    Movie Battles II Server List around 80-120 people on during EU evenings.
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    Big brain update idea (for small brain developers)

    It already is a feature
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    Big brain update idea (for small brain developers)

    Or just press the use button while jumping to not drain any bp?
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    EU Open & Duel Admin Application (Karus)

    My trigger finger is ITCHING
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    CLAN The Jedi Order

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    MovieBattles II Hotfix Released

    You don't even know him
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    Droideka is a pain to counter as a gunner

    just walk lol
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    Ladder/stairs for Deathstar Falcon

    Would prefer there only being one lift since I believe it's my right as a jedi to have some relatively safe space to go to when rushing up from below to a hangar full of imps.
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    Please stop ruining mb2

    More accusatory bullshit that completely sidelines the points I made, thanks for proving them. Again, you can't speak on behalf of the whole community and then call it a valid opinion and complain when someone questions it. Devs are more than helpful when it comes to technical problems, just...
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    Please stop ruining mb2

    This kind of entitled and unaware bullshit warrants aggressive responses. You discredit the whole dev team and then act clueless as to why you are being discredited yourself. It's not really an opinion when you are trying to speak on behalf of the entire community. If you don't want to look...
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    gumba more like pumba lol

    gumba more like pumba lol
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    Friendly fire/team damage in MB2

    Friendly fire gives mb2 its charm. It should exist in every form it does now but I wouldn't mind there being a % modifier for teammates.
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    Gore Battles for Movie Battles 2 [UPDATEv1.2][Quality Changes]

    Yeah this is surprisingly of very high quality. I swear I've heard the kill noise before though, where is it from?
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    nice m2

    nice m2