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  1. Noob

    Is there any justice in servers?

    Oh yes, I fought in the meme wars. I was once a troll the same as your father....
  2. Noob

    ### Exposed: Unjust Ban by Gonk – The Truth Must Be Heard

    Wow, sounds like there's some serious server drama going on! But hey, let's sprinkle a little humor into this situation: So, Gonk's got a vendetta, huh? Maybe they should rename the server "The Gonk Show: Revenge of the Admin"! But seriously, being banned feels like getting kicked out of the...
  3. Noob

    Bob betrayed the trolls? Did the tryharders win?

    This is a gripping and vividly depicted tale of betrayal, redemption, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness. The way you've woven together elements of mythology, mysticism, and cosmic conflict creates a rich and immersive narrative. The character of Bob, once a revered deity...
  4. Noob

    to anyone wanting to join gonk's discord

    Gonk discord is a private club for droid deviants
  5. Noob

    KOTOR: Endar Spire Map

    nice there was another person working on endar spire but he vanished
  6. Noob

    Free mb2 players #FreeGogo

    how about nono
  7. Noob

    TFU - Starkiller DLC Skin/Model Port - Support Needed!

    I would try asking on JKHUB
  8. Noob

    Shin Hati Model

    shin came out pretty much as we updated rip, next update will see her (whenever official update comes out)
  9. Noob

    NoobGuided Pack 3.2 | COMPATIBLE WITH v1.10.1

    Noobguided update for 2023! go to NoobGuided to download the new version!
  10. Noob

    Why Legends mode is amazing and better than Open

    I love legends, it just sucks that some servers want to be special and change it
  11. Noob

    Hosting Server Players' IP issue on dedicated server

    Does Russia have any internet censorship going on? Perhaps it is your ISP
  12. Noob

    Hosting Server Players' IP issue on dedicated server

    its impossible to know without knowing the full extent of your server setup. Are you trying to run it through hamatchi or some virtual LAN?
  13. Noob

    This mod is a piece of crap made by lazy people

    No one is forcing you to play multiplayer, there are mods meant for singleplayer you can play.
  14. Noob

    Exposing another Script to Remove

    go ahead and post them who cares haha :anilaff:
  15. Noob

    Exposing another Script to Remove

    wow! everyone in the whole server seems to be using this magic script!! Surely it must be hackers, and not your hentai torrents running in the background eating your bandwidth!
  16. Noob

    v1.9.2+ Custom Model Tutorial

    Not sure what you are asking. You can name the .cm file to whatever you want. The only important part is the information inside.
  17. Noob

    Second MBII Vid!

    absolutely atrocious UI and lightning lol, i love it
  18. Noob

    Why is there no tutorial how to mod movie battles 2
  19. Noob

    Contribution towards unlocking next dueling patch

    Time to beat you at your own game!