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  1. Cat

    As designed Quick getup is broken

    To recreate the bug: 1) Be ARC, have dex3 2) Be knocked down 3) Press "reload" 4) Getup doesn't happen The bug is literally gamebreaking, as quickgetup is the cornerstone of arc-fu
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    Meanwhile in EU servers

  3. Cat

    It's an (not so much/not really at all) elaborate ruse!

    B-but that doesnt feel any far back, just a year ago or maybe two at most...
  4. Cat

    Incoming Mandosexual

    Oh boi, I wish you witnessed local Meme Wars. Anyway, you'll fit right in. I wish more people shared your attitude. upd0: btw, I meleed you as an anonymous rebel trooper recently, wanted to say "gf". upd1: Mandosexuals like you should sign a petition for Disney to include Vode An and tactically...
  5. Cat

    New Character Idea that would be game-changing

    Let me build upon OP's idea and suggest you a serious improvement in the field of player retention then:
  6. Cat

    Dabbing: A Star Wars Story

    This makes no sense as long as animation is clientside and killing dabbers still grants TK points.
  7. Cat

    DN is BACK!

    >Let me clarify this. I didn't leak a single smod, I didn't leak rcon and I didn't leak FTP access. You have just killed my wish to join DN.
  8. Cat

    More mb points?

    >But if it's not working, that means it's blocked by developers and there's nothing that can be done about this. You still can patch the server's memory though. AFAIK MB2 FFA patch is googlable and contains the solution to your problem.
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    Competitive Interest Check

    Isn't competitive Open the reason MB2 exists? I don't really understand why is 5v5 matchup that special though, I'd rather vote for hardcore with varied number of players. Still double everything gentlemen above have said.
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    <img src="">

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  11. Cat

    How to prevent trolling of escort objectives

    I can't believe people honestly think eradicating trolling possibilities is more important than the diverse gameplay.
  12. Cat

    How do I ARC?

    Find Appo on the server, spectate him, learn how he deals with the situations in which what you suppose to be the winning strategy doesn't really help you much.
  13. Cat

    Because current saber mechanics are a placeholder.

    Because current saber mechanics are a placeholder.
  14. Cat

    Is Moviebattles 2 dying?

    What you find a huge time investment required to play I found a part of the gameplay itself; very long and interesting experience of learning new things about the game, as well as the diverese gameplay the complexity leads to must be amongst the reasons why people love MB2. Are you sure the...
  15. Cat

    How to prevent trolling of escort objectives

    "Fixing trolling" must be a new way to troll the playerbase.
  16. Cat

    Mos Eisley Map

  17. Cat

    Solution to grip troll

    What if I have grip and can win a round by moving someone who does not trust me? It is not a solution, to begin with. There's no grip trolling problem at all, there's a lack of TK point penalty for stun/knockdown assists. What you suggest would remove a significant portion of gameplay and only...
  18. Cat

    Solution to grip troll

    "Hi, please throw me there, I am adding you to the buddy list right now." *disables buddying mid-grip* "!P"
  19. Cat

    Classic Dotf!

    >AOD I think I'll wait for tR to do the same. Playing on AOD would be an act of disrespect towards oneself.
  20. Cat

    Solution to grip troll

    >1st point >lini This ruins tactical grip used to place SBDs or infantry where they can't jump on their own. Ruining a game to get rid of trolls is something we have to stop doing, you know. Not to mention how this doesn't prevent trolling people the same way with any other stun instead of grip.