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  1. Def!led

    Can a veteran make an updated saber tutorial?

    Currently, all you do is aim at invisible pblock zones, kind've like a minigame. The whole system revolves around this mechanic and trying to do anything other than that will not benefit you. You're better off just halting any aspirations of learning dueling until the next saber changes are...
  2. Def!led

    Dev Diary - Server Statistics

    Yeah, it would be cool to see heat zones on maps to see where most of the kills/deaths and general camping activity happens.
  3. Def!led

    Mace is actually right about sabering

    Quick reminder that the poll data is skewed and if you look at the individual posters in this thread you can see that mostly all of the players that actually played RC1 voted for RC1 over 1.3. There's a higher acceptance ratio for RC1 than there is for 1.3 if you read the posts. This is...
  4. Def!led

    JAMME Tutorial Video *trigger warning*

    Hopefully somebody picks it up
  5. Def!led

    Sabering...What Happened?

    Not sure why I would be pissed, I am definitely not good at this build. Once I was great but ever since this YOU MUST AIM YOUR CAMERA TO PB OR YOU DIE PB mini-game mechanic I haven't had the drive to actually sit there and grind to become great again. It's such an idiotic nonsensical mechanic...
  6. Def!led

    Dakorian Returns....

    Yeah, getting to visit all over the world is one of the biggest pros of being in the Navy. I'm hoping to do a MOB before my contract expires but this year I'm going to Hawaii to support my unit. I'm taking the advancement exam next month, I might be an E-5 this year.
  7. Def!led

    Dakorian Returns....

    If you keep triple posting I'm going to contact your skipper and tell him about this.
  8. Def!led

    Gaus/isuck's beginner guide (big brainer)

    This post is clearly satire my dear Hessu.
  9. Def!led

    Forum like/dislike system

    We should get rid of likes all together, it's a retarded feature if we aren't going to have dislike to counter it.
  10. Def!led

    Dakorian Returns....

  11. Def!led

    NA Dueling Championship - Weekly Challenger Tournaments

    Due to the Holidays, the NA Dueling Championship held by Vix was vacated on the 23rd and I will be hosting a double-elimination style tournament on the 30th to declare a new NA Dueling Champion. I know the stats are out-dated in the second post but I promise after new years they will be updated...
  12. Def!led

    Moviebattles II V1.5.2 Released

    No nostalgia here friend, I enjoyed the old dotf (b19) during scrims compared to the older-newer one (1.3). The gameplay was much smoother then atleast.
  13. Def!led

    Moviebattles II V1.5.2 Released

    The best addition. B19 version > 1.3 version (was it actually introduced then, seemed sooner.) The whole revamping the T-junct and side/secondary corridors in the first place was a bad idea.
  14. Def!led

    NA Dueling Championship - Weekly Challenger Tournaments

    The next one is scheduled for today in 30ish minutes, Leos is a blue main and Vix had to match it.
  15. Def!led

    Mace is actually right about sabering

    I wouldn't be looking for much movie hype after TLJ, I'll be waiting to pirate that shit
  16. Def!led

    NA Dueling Championship - Weekly Challenger Tournaments

    On 12-10-18 Mooch/vortex won the Challenger Tournament with a score of 5-0 against Def!led in the finals. He dueled Vix on the same day with Vix coming out the winner 10-1. Vix retains the NA Dueling Championship. NEXT CHALLENGER TOURNAMENT WILL BE SUNDAY 12-16-18
  17. Def!led

    Possible EU Dueling Championship/Tournament?

    Hey EU, If you're not aware I have been hosting tournaments every weekend where the winner challenges for the title of best NA duelist (NA Dueling Champion), I want to expand this to EU. Once the new build drops I would like to introduce an EU tournament with a cash prize and the title of EU...
  18. Def!led

    Mace is actually right about sabering

    Also, the old PB saber/saber collision was pre 1.1, That is misleading and those 4 votes would probably go to v1, v0, or RC1. (v1 and v0 aren't even in the poll smh)
  19. Def!led

    NA Dueling Championship - Weekly Challenger Tournaments

    Sea-Otter_ won the Challenger Tournament with a score of 5-4 against Vortex/Mooch in the finals. Sea-Otter_ will go on to duel the current Champion Vix for the NA Dueling Championship. xxChallenger Tournamentxx - Challonge If anyone else is interested in participating in these tournaments...
  20. Def!led

    Saber Lock?

    This idea has been suggested on the forums multiple times over the years. It just wouldn't work with MB2 though.