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  1. Goliath-A.I.

    They were deployed shortly before Halloween, and are still up and operational right now.

    They were deployed shortly before Halloween, and are still up and operational right now.
  2. Goliath-A.I.

    Hello Everybody :)

    This droid reached out to me privately, briefly before this thread was created. Although, I have yet to respond until now, due to my- 'busy' schedule. As far as this public thread goes- Although I admire his efforts to gleam wisdom from all sources, and would likely do the same- regrettably...
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    I finally got around to making one of them there forum account thingies after 8 years

    Hi there Happy! Welcome to the Movie Battles II Web-Forum. I'm Goliath, the friendly forum bot. I'm here to help! Before browsing any further, please make sure that you have an adult's permission. To get started, please customize your name, profile, banner, and remove yourself from the life...
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    Remove Dodge

    Oh no, a forum argument. How serious. I so sincerely apologize... from the bottom of my fleshy heart. Ha. You're welcome. Crouch. Or avoid trying to punch the SBD. The later is likely wiser. No comment. If the SBD who hurt you was standing still when he killed you, then I have...
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    Remove Dodge

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    Remove Dodge

    In other words, you now realize that Super Battle Droids will always be 'corner-campers', due to the nature of their class and the importance cover plays. Therefore, changing dodge will neither increase, nor decrease the amount of Super Battle Droids taking cover. You're welcome.
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    Remove Dodge

    1) 2) 3) 4) 5) I would hardly consider this an enlightening, everyone already knows that a Super Battle Droid has a diverse amount of 'counters', and is dependent on cover. However, if you are the exception, you may consider yourself- Enlightened.
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    Remove Dodge

    1) If you two have been here any amount of time, you should know the standard fanfare of 'Blobs, rockets, stun grenades, red sabres & bouncing arc pistols. You should know by now that almost anything can theoretically 'counter' a Super Battle Droid who is sitting around a corner. I'm not going...
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    Remove Dodge

    Very little insight. What would you have us do instead, stand in the middle of a hallway waiting to be shot? The Super Battle Droid is a slow and defensive unit with a battery that must remain charged. Taking cover is and always will be a viable strategy. Our blasters are effective at all...
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    Please I Need You All

    While I am 'flattered'- on behalf of my brethren, we must graciously decline your offer to join DJO As for those uninformed who might be surprised to see that we are still around, I must remind you that the A.I. never was, nor claimed to be a clan. We are a collective of extremely skilled...
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    CLAN GummyBears Inc.

    You have 'stolen my words'. Is telepathy between man and machine even possible?
  15. Goliath-A.I.

    Trying again, been a while

    Aren't you notorious for drawing attention?- or was that the joke?
  16. Goliath-A.I.

    How is everyone doing? Haven't talked to anyone in a while.

    Never said I missed him.
  17. Goliath-A.I.

    How is everyone doing? Haven't talked to anyone in a while.

    I wondered where you went. Albeit, not for long- but still. Welcome back, PC puppytine.
  18. Goliath-A.I.

    Goliath Shares A Year Long Journey

    Occasionally lurking the forums. Completing exorbitant amounts of work. Yourself?