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    Busted ≠ fun. I think this lies more upon the line of a good amount of open mode gunners, myself included, do not exactly enjoy burst guns over those that aren't burst. Think it goes for most games such as COD and Battlefield etc. that burst guns are in the least used category just cause they...
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    Harassed by AoD, Now my Discord Account is Temporarily Suspended

    Those damn AOD, harassing you and getting your discord account suspended. It was probably the known AOD ddoser General Kenobi.
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    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Really good update imo, the devs have done great with this patch. As a mando main, the rocket change was warranted and I don't even know how all these people are crying about it. Have they even played this update yet? It's still so easy to rocket people as most of the mb2 playerbase doesn't...
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    Unconfirmed Headshot hitbox inconsistencies

    I agree that headshot hitboxes definitely need to be looked at. I know I have been aiming at heads a lot of the time and it not being registered as a headshot.
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    MovieBattles II V1.7.1.1 Released

    If Jedi/Sith had to meditate to regen FP, they would never win against gunners that can somewhat aim, doesn't even have to be good gunners. But yes, corner camping sense saber users are boring as hell.
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    AOD Busted, The AOD Doxxer Clan Member Revealed !

    Man I hate AOD. I think this GeneralKenobi has been doxxing me too.
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    Suggestion about wookies immunity to the Force.

    Players complaining about wookiee just honestly need to actively try and get better at playing the game instead of coming to the forums complaining when they get outplayed.
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    on break

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    My humble and Only Suggestion for Dodge.

    Nah, it should be as Kodar suggested in another dodge thread. That being dodge only works for burst fire, charged shots and snipers.
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    Mando EE-3 and Arc Westar M5

    No point running EE-3 on mando over pistols unless sniping for headshots, but even then you can still just snipe with charged pistols. Buff EE-3.
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    Yes this isn't a balanced game, most games aren't balanced unless it were to be the same gun for everyone, same damage on everything, same everything. But you must instead look at it and ask how can you make the game better. Right now lightning is stupid. There is really nothing you can do...
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    Movie Battles II V1.6.2.2 Released

    Make dodge work for snipers only. Stupid when you be lighting some guy up with like an e11 and he becomes Neo from the matrix and then laughs on your corpse in dodge. Nerf lightning cause when Sith who know what they're doing use it, it can shred you with you being able to do nothing about it...
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    It's Kinda Ironic

    Pretty much what Liniyka, Faux and Fang have said. This server splits the community. New players go to this server and learn bad tactics and gameplay, then try out other servers and get destroyed leading them to only play CC. MB2 is a small enough community and we don't need a server that...
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    Movie Battles II V1.6.2 Released

    big brain idea make dodge only work on snipers and remove deka from open lightning is also retarded too and doesn't really even need to exist in open
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    ive been discovered

    ive been discovered
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    question for devs

    Applying flinch to only when in mid-air saber users is better than them jumping at you and killing you while being able to do nothing but as much damage as you can.
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    question for devs

    just apply flinch to mid-air saber users
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    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.2 Released

    Good update. However with flinch I used to be able to save teammates on the ground due to being pushed/pulled by a saber user and now I can't. :( Also the devs should give ARC its stamina running speed as a default for the class. And nerf lightning, as it should not be able to kill a full health...
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    Can we expect a nerf for jedi?

    Conspiracy theory that the devs are secretly delaying knockback fix because they are all jedi mains and it's easier to get kills for them.
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    Ladder/stairs for Deathstar Falcon

    Yes but every character from every movie and show having a team death-match does. Bruh, use your brain. This thread is obviously for the improvement of gameplay and barely would visually change the look of things. Yeah I remember Grievous using lightning in the movies like he does in mb2.