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  1. Scerendo

    Moviebattles II Version Patch Released

    We re currently working on updating all the clone and arc troopers to use ashuras model. It will take a little bit of time though, as we have create new meshes for the other trooper types, (such as phase 1, and the variety of other specialist accessories and armour types). We will be looking...
  2. Scerendo

    [MOD] Cassian/Jyn voice improvement

    I'll make sure they are included for the next patch. It's a shame some of her lines from the trailer are cut such as 'this is a rebellion, I rebel' etc
  3. Scerendo

    March Character Models

    Yes, definitely suggesting decent looking and optimised models will have more of a chance of being added to the main roster. In regards to the arc troopers, for the future patch (not the next one coming out in April but maybe the one after) II will take a look into upgrading the current models...
  4. Scerendo

    March Character Models

    You are entirely correct :) Ignoring the potential cease and desists for porting recent Star Wars content (particularly from EA's Battlefront or Force Arena) models like that Clone trooper are likely to be wholly unoptimised and not even designed to run in an old engine like JKA's. Our larger...
  5. Scerendo

    [WIP] K-2SO player model

    Looking really nice :) proportions looking so much better, and the texture is great! Wouldn't worry about that all, the new and recent models have had LODS on them :)
  6. Scerendo

    Mb2_Sarlacc - new jabba sail barge map

    Welcome Langerd :) map looks amazing as always!
  7. Scerendo

    WORST Star Wars? 2018 edition

    Attack of the clones is still the worst in my opinion. TFA, Rogue One and TLJ make me feel more apathetic towards the franchise rather than outraged. Haven't felt the urge to rewatch them. Never thought I'd praise the prequels for much but at least they were following a single directors vision...
  8. Scerendo

    March Character Models

    Hey everyone here to share a quick update with you all a few new additions to the rosters, that will be coming in the next update! Along with a small preview of what's to come :) General Hux First up is the First Order's Elite favourite whipping boy, General Armitage Hux. Naturally he will...
  9. Scerendo

    MBII Development: Looking to the future

    I'm working on a death trooper atm and may repurpose it for the shoretrooper if there aren't too many differences. We are in need of more rebs imo especially aliens.
  10. Scerendo

    [WIP] K-2SO player model

    Its looking good man, really looking forward to it. You could maybe scale down the body and head a bit, but keep the arms and legs the same? Since he is very hard surface, his body shouldn't really be deforming, so you might be able to get away with it. It's a bit of a hacky solution but might...
  11. Scerendo

    [WIP] K-2SO player model

    It's looking really nice so far :) looking forward to seeing the rest.
  12. Scerendo

    Quinlan Vos

    I made a version of Quinlan Vos last year, which uses soundclips from the TCW Show. Unfortunately at the moment, the model itself is somewhat unoptimized for use in MovieBattes II. However, I have started reoptimising the mesh to be usable, so it is definitely in the pipeline. And yes I...
  13. Scerendo

    WIP on Poe Dameron model:

    WIP on Poe Dameron model: