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  1. GoodOl'Ben

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    Can't believe you would dare reduce the skill-ceiling so drastically by removing the need to master the intricate mechanics required to taunt and run at the same time! Stutter-step taunt was the most high-finesse mechanic in the game! The game will never be the same again. I sure hope you guys...
  2. GoodOl'Ben

    PUG EU 23.04.22

    Me and @Gargos are doing a LAN today and tomorrow, so I think you can consider us there ;)))
  3. GoodOl'Ben

    moviebattles 2 video - lets play battlefront

    Posting in epic thread. I hope you get COVID again soon, so we see more videos. Go lick some door handles in a public bathroom or something equally meta. Not enough staff backflips though. You'll need to up your game for the next one.
  4. GoodOl'Ben

    any good mods?

    This sounds like a blast :D
  5. GoodOl'Ben

    any good mods?

    Man... I wonder if I could find the old Rancor replacements that Lervish made. There was a giant Jabba and a giant Quigon at least. They were awesome :')
  6. GoodOl'Ben

    any good mods?

    Here's a quick self-plug Three mods: LetTheBodiesHitTheFloor: Replace Wookiee Fury sounds with "Bodies" by Drowning Pool Activation sound is "NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!" Active loop sound is "Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor" BANGARANG...
  7. GoodOl'Ben

    General feedback on the new patches

    Wanna elaborate? My sarcasm detector is out of whack, so I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to say. Do you mean imps have been nerfed too much or that rebs are too weak? In terms of reb strength, I think there are good steps being taken to make them more enjoyable to play. Quickthrow is...
  8. GoodOl'Ben

    General feedback on the new patches

    I've been thinking about the accuracy part more. I think the most logical way to indicate that could actually be during gameplay. This is already done for the EE3. Similar logic could be applied to other weapons as well, where the player movement state affects the size of the crosshair. That's...
  9. GoodOl'Ben

    COOP Server, Bot Mapping, and my ramblings.

    I know it's not co-op, but: Star Wars: Movie Duels mod You can make any Star Wars scenario you want and turn on all the possible cheats. I'd say it's good fun. I used to love doing that back when I was 12. Wish I'd had Movie Duels back then :) Open Jedi Project is another option: Open Jedi...
  10. GoodOl'Ben

    General feedback on the new patches

    Ah, I forgot about this being a thing. That does definitely help a lot. Fair. Pretty much did, with a caveat of "tend". Now having check what the game is about... Warframe seems like an action RPG? Twiddling with ever-changing numbers is very relevant as part of the fun is exploring all the...
  11. GoodOl'Ben

    What is the 'goal' behind Legends as a mode? And why aren't you following it -_-

    I believe it also depends on what version of Legends are you playing. Since it can be modded, you may actually be playing something custom-made, that can affect your experience with it. This was the case with me playing on the EU Legends server. It was balls-to-the-wall craziness, which is a...
  12. GoodOl'Ben

    General feedback on the new patches

    Yeah, the timer text isn't centered, I am trying to maintain original intent as much as possible. I believe the reasoning for the spacing is to accommodate for 4 character timers. I'll check if text can be aligned to the center of the rect. The timer position to me is fine. It's an okay place...
  13. GoodOl'Ben

    General feedback on the new patches

    A bit of an update on the UI work. It's going pretty well, the /ui_load function is a lifesaver. Binding it to F5 has already improved the workflow greatly. Since I usually work on this like 1-2 hours tops, I haven't had a crash yet. I'm having fun figuring my way around the template system...
  14. GoodOl'Ben

    General feedback on the new patches

    Many thought pressing F5 to reload the web page was no biggie either, but the increase in productivity with an automated refresh is huge for a programmer. It's one less repetitive task to perform. The saved seconds ramp up very quickly with fast iteration. How many times does it take before...
  15. GoodOl'Ben

    grenade secondary fire

    Quickthrow heroes have needed a buff ever since B18 nerfed them to hell. Fight me 😅 The QT buff seemed to be so good in fact that I saw a living legend playing MB2 the other day called Captain Chirac. He plays Han Solo with 3 frag grenades and P3 exclusively. If these buffs have succesfully...
  16. GoodOl'Ben

    REhashing the failed semi-authentic mode.

    Did someone say my name? Yeah, Wildebeest worked on a Semi-Auth similar to what Lee talked about some time around 2010-2012. My memory on the exact timeline on it is fuzzy. I remember it was around the time SWTOR was a thing and people were excited about the double wrist flamethrowers in that...
  17. GoodOl'Ben

    General feedback on the new patches

    Oh man, now I started drooling. For menu programming, one interesting WYSIWYG solution could be to have some kind of file change listener that you can turn on. Where saving a file would trigger a ui_load or cg_loadui automatically. This way you could hypothetically keep programming and changes...
  18. GoodOl'Ben

    General feedback on the new patches

    Oh, I didn't know about that. I've been going all OG on it until now. What's the command? :D Hear, hear. Sadly it's probably as good as it gets. I think hypothetically some structures could be named/nested differently to make things easier to work with, but that refactoring work would also be...
  19. GoodOl'Ben

    General feedback on the new patches

    Not easy, I'm afraid. This would require some major programming, which probably wouldn't pay itself back in terms of time invested any time soon if developed. I can see the allure though. The current setup is fairly snappy to work with as is if you have a background in things like JavaScript or...
  20. GoodOl'Ben

    Dev Diary - New Launcher and Open Beta - A Guide

    Really stoked to see Capture the Flag coming! I remember early betas we played on it like a decade ago. Some of my all-time favorite moments in MB2 happened during those tests. Hats off to the many people along the way that have contributed to getting this out the door.