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  1. FrenzY

    Kitsu-Nesh'Kaa MB2 mods

    Wow! Wizard.
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    Feedback Thread: v1.11 Open Beta #1 - May 25th 2024

    Save your feedback until after you play things.
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    20th Anniversary Update Open Beta

    Just two more weeks... Wait a second...
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    The lore is great, but stop spamming the forums with it, plz? Stick to one post or I'll be forced to use my admin powah
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    PART 2, The eclipse

    This post is sponsored by Grammarly.
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    Schizopack Model&Saber Pack

    Truly an inspired piece, I must say. Some of these models deserve a place in PowerBattles...
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    Someone help me out with starting Mapping

    My guide for getting started with Netradiant-custom and Mapping in MBII can be found here: Mapping Basics Please let me know if it needs any revising!
  8. FrenzY

    You seriously nerfed speed lunge?

    There are other methods of killing people at close range, it's not intended to be so useful at close. I think the idea in general is that it should be a bit less useful at mid, and most useful at long, where the slight vertical arc stops. But I think you are understating how strong and how hard...
  9. FrenzY

    You seriously nerfed speed lunge?

    I hear the Speedlunge complaints, I'll look at finding ways to compromise for the next patch. A couple ideas I have are: Unlocking the camera during the lunge (your movement is locked but looking around is not) Additional perks to using it during melee, perhaps even operates as some kind of...
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    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    Just a note to people curious about Citadel - I'm still working on the new version. I just added a few minor QoL improvements to the current one for now!
  11. FrenzY

    Moviebattles II Version 1.10 Released

    There’s something fishy about this update… Manaan!
  12. FrenzY

    HKNO1STUNNA, who is still around?

  13. FrenzY

    Feedback Thread: v1.10 Open Beta - Nov. 13th 2023

    Also! Onderon should no longer crash from Boma.
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    Dev Diary - Rend2

    It's a lot more than that. Clear your monitor of grease. ;) Outside of shine, textures will have actual depth now as opposed to feeling 2D. Things with texture will actually *feel* like the light is hitting them the right way as opposed to just having drawn-on shading.
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    Dev Diary - Manaan

    The secondary obj is what opens the doors to the hangar. The advantage of completing obj is more of a positional one. I did have a few ideas for ways to make the secondary OBJ matter a bit more (like something slowing down the team which lost the secondary in some way or form), but that concept...
  16. FrenzY

    Saber Open Beta Announcement

    Proud of you, mate. This has been such a labor of love.
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    Unconfirmed Burn marks are visible on cloaked people

    see title
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    Coming back after 3 Years.

    sup! There are a few active communites who MBII quite regularly. I'd check out the Sandbox discord for starters, you can find discord channels by going here.
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    I'm leaving MB2 for good.

    If I had a penny for every time someone 'left' MBII...