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  1. BlazeJKA

    CMP maps of Telos, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon and Manaan

    greedy little french was never taught to share amongst pals
  2. BlazeJKA

    20th Anniversary Update Open Beta

    so many car accidents
  3. BlazeJKA

    Class ideas from mb2 (Serious) #01

    you need mb2 premium
  4. BlazeJKA

    SWTOR: Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor Map

    i'd be excited to try this map EXCEPT @Valeria (creator of this map) is a troll, a TKER, a teamkiller, a griefer, and dare i say, a troll. yep, i said it. i've had the displeasure of playing with this person on my team. oh, such grief i carry from our encounter. but believe me, i've seen her...
  5. BlazeJKA

    Add a Sullustan Jedi skin

    it's hardly the first time someone's asked for a sullustan force user skin. i think a sith sullustan would be better though, with regular sullustan voice lines except the pitch is lowered so they sound like vader
  6. BlazeJKA

    I Came Back Briefly, And you Devs somehow made the game even dogshit worse LMAO.

    Last good patch was the one before they fucked with nade jump. It's been downhill ever since. After nade jump they made it so you could no longer push the younglings if you're on rebel side in JediTemple. Then, they fixed the mustafar stuck spot on imp spawn (that's bob's fault btw, he reported...
  7. BlazeJKA

    Worst team kill ever.

    i melee grabbed a teammate by accident when suddenly i look at one of my other monitors (i got 6 of them) and i saw the stock chart for one of the companies i invested in go up 40%. now, i'm a very busy man. i need time to play MB2, take care of my rice farm and look after my kids, so i decided...
  8. BlazeJKA

    Chat Hackers?

    classic omelette, doing one of his iconic bits. let the man do his thing. also, !1 for jawarace.
  9. BlazeJKA

    I Came Back Briefly, And you Devs somehow made the game even dogshit worse LMAO.

    one day i will return and i shall paint the walls of DOTF with the blood of scrimmers. when diplomacy doesn't work (asking for a speedlunge buff), war is the only option (mass tk).
  10. BlazeJKA

    hi guys

    being a goblin doubter is no different than being a flat earther. do your fucking research, there are plenty of videos out there that prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that goblins are real. Proof N°1 Proof N°2 Proof N°3 also here's Erwin Saunders, a goblin scholar. he's mostly known for his...
  11. BlazeJKA

    The end, now I become one in the force.

    i hope we get a prequel to this story
  12. BlazeJKA

    hi guys

    very nice. reading some "einstein" myself. i'm gonna become a scientist.
  13. BlazeJKA

    hi guys

    it's blaze btw. how u guys doin
  14. BlazeJKA

    Operation Morningstar

    shut up bitch [EDIT]: sry bro u changed ur pfp and i thought u were a random admin
  15. BlazeJKA

    Operation Morningstar

    so u nerds are gonna mass tk or what? if so, u have my support.
  16. BlazeJKA

    So when are you guys going to fix this?

    i bet you wouldn't have any issues if the lines were white
  17. BlazeJKA

    So when are you guys going to fix this?

    whats wropng with it
  18. BlazeJKA

    You seriously nerfed speed lunge?

    AOD's fault
  19. BlazeJKA

    Wookie bow caster nerf

    wookies damage should be nerfed by 5% BUT all the rest of the classes get a DEBUFF for health and speed on cold maps like HOTH with the exception of wookies, because they have a lot of hair so they're warm. ON HOT MAPS HOWEVER, wookies should get the debuff. Jedi Temple should be hot WITH THE...