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  1. Happyrama

    [SOLVED] Try to host private local server with Hamachi but it's not working

    I'm trying to host a private server for myself and my friends, I have done it before and I have followed every step on the guide(s) to a T but every time I load up the server.bat it just crashes after like 5 seconds, I really don't know why it's doing this. Does anyone have an Idea? (The...
  2. Happyrama

    [OUT OF SCOPE] Voice Line audio not the syncing for other players

    My friend isn't hearing the same voice lines that I do, is this a bug and if so is there a fix or is this something built into the game?
  3. Happyrama

    Hosting Server Trying to make a personal server

    I managed to get it working, all I had to do was move the Jampded.exe into my gamedata for it to work.
  4. Happyrama

    Hosting Server Trying to make a personal server

    I've made a personal server before, ya know with the jampDED.exe, Sever.cfg and Server.bat, yet for some reason I can't get it to work this time! I'm following the guides to a T and it's not working despite doing the exact same thing before. The bat file refuses to launch when I put it in the...