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  1. OCD2

    Someone help me out with starting Mapping

    All you have to do is add a siege file to make JKA maps work with mb2.
  2. OCD2

    Din Djarin is a woman

    Hello, Just thought I would point out that the rolling sound for the Din Djarin model is female.
  3. OCD2

    Moviebattles II V1.7.2 Released

    Like the extra path on Deathstar.
  4. OCD2

    Frenzy's 4:30AM ideas for melee changes

    All fun ideas, though I think nullifying a nade with block would be bad and a huge nerf to soldier class.
  5. OCD2

    Coolin's Workshop

    You can learn to do anything with the game if youre motivated enough.
  6. OCD2

    Anyone else notice the Movie Battles 2 easter egg in the Mandalorian Chapter 13?

    Near the end of the climax fight: (spoilers) The scene takes place in a custom duel map. Ashoka and the magistrate press k to honor duel, they bow and drop their robes. They proceed to fight until one player is tripped, then someone is disarmed and then eventually out of BP. Movie Battles 2...
  7. OCD2

    How does map music work?

    It's easy. Sent you a pm.
  8. OCD2

    Jedha City

    Very cool, I was thinking about making this map, glad you beat me too it! Looks good.
  9. OCD2

    How to ignore a player using a number as their name

    There is a massive chat spammer that has a name that displays as a number. When I attempt to ignore them, the number is assigned to a different player and does not ignore the spammer. How do you ignore a player using a number as their name?
  10. OCD2

    Penekepack 2.4 // CLASSIC UI RESTORATION

    Just tried this for the first time. Wow. Lots of good work I have not seen before. 1000 star review!
  11. OCD2

    New Republic Prison Ship from The Mandalorian

    A few new photos added. Some construction, some trial texture layout, and some minor texture tweaking. Most notable update is the control room layout, with working ambush grate.
  12. OCD2

    New Republic Prison Ship from The Mandalorian

    Thank you! Its already significantly improved, more photos to come soon.
  13. OCD2

    New Republic Prison Ship from The Mandalorian

    That is my goal. The intent with the security system, is to slightly change the flow of the map. When the alarm sounds and doors close and lock, the intended design is not to fully lock the player in place - You have to either take a detour, wait for the alarm timer to end and the door to...
  14. OCD2

    New Republic Prison Ship from The Mandalorian

    It has potential! My initial thoughts on the FA setup: Din Djarin: Has the mb2 mando set up, minus jetpack. Single pistol. Flame thower. Wrist laser turned into a whistling bird shooter . I would really like to emulate his grappling hook that attaches/knocksdown enemies. Mayfield...
  15. OCD2

    New Republic Prison Ship from The Mandalorian

    Hello all, Just thought I would share my work in progress, a map based on the Mandalorian Chapter 6: The Prisoner.
  16. OCD2

    that's it! I'm done!

    /ignore ?
  17. OCD2

    The black pill which destroyed the community

    Can someone translate ?
  18. OCD2

    Landolore's Modpack 1.7 (Updated)

    Are you making these, or are you taking Omegas work?
  19. OCD2

    Best seasonal hat - let's settle this

    Penis head for toxic players.