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  1. Sandy

    Moviebattles II V1.10.0.5 Released

    Afaik speedlunge in it's current hyper-nerfed state isn't meant to stay that way for long they just prioritized getting some of this QoL stuff out first. The process of testing minor tweaks on one thing means testing a bunch of other related things and that's very time consuming. I'd bet...
  2. Sandy

    Moviebattles II V1.10.0.5 Released

    For those who may not be in the loop, this update fixes the issue with Staff being able to W swing through blaster fire without FP drain, HP damage or knockback.
  3. Sandy

    sentinel bans me for hacking

  4. Sandy

    SandyLover Pandemodium Tking when Admin Lovers Offline, And Gamertrash Duel Fail, Apex Lover Soft Aimbot Assist EXPOSED!

    SandyLover is conducting an official Sandbox Pandemonium TM Lover investigation :cool:
  5. Sandy

    Lightsaber Aiming for PBs Question

    Please keep in mind the report was filed only an hour ago, and I was attending scheduled events. Even if I weren't mods don't live on the forums. User was warned for their content and the post was deleted.
  6. Sandy

    Official Administrator List

    Updated Official Server Admin List EU: Atska Bully Chewbie Nex Shama Shottyz SK5 Thera Varod NA: A$APRocky Vix ChocolatCheeks Jadon Jaik Owe Shalak Sneaky Veo Zane
  7. Sandy

    Updated MBII Client Testing (Windows)

    That's major. I'll be slamming my keyboard on newround to see if it works (and testing out the sides of this update.)
  8. Sandy

    Daily Reminder: DDOS-ers have nothing better to do

    like why?
  9. Sandy

    Moviebattles II V1.9 Released

    Nice, can't wait to try CTF out with higher pop!!
  10. Sandy

    US Admin Application - ChocolatCheeks

    He's a good lad
  11. Sandy

    US Official Admin Application - Sandy

    In-Game nickname: Sandy MBII Experience: Cumulative 2 years. Lead LS, hosted servers and trained admins for a year. Age: 25 Description: A huge fan of MB2 who likes to create training material for the community, host events and teach players how to play. Jedi Legend!! Reason: I'm answering the...
  12. Sandy

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    Hopefully um_bespin_night doesn't crash anymore now! I really like that version of the map. Since body blocking is less bad I may keep it as LS main duel map. Inshallah we see a future build with a Pazaak minigame in the bar.
  13. Sandy

    Moviebattles II 1.8.1 Released

    RIP Yuthura you were a real one 2021-2021
  14. Sandy

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    EW has public scrims on Mondays, LS has them on Wednesdays and AOD has them on Saturdays. EW and LS do multiple in a row if the pop is there. AOD and LS also do in-clan scrims and scrim against eachother.
  15. Sandy

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    I HATE people who scrim 7 times a week and ask for balance around that. I would never do that..
  16. Sandy

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Thanks to the dev team for still working on my favorite game :) Love the new mando rocket stagger mechanic, glad that made it into the patch. I couldn't add to the convo y'all have been having about the timer. I'm also super excited to hear that capture the flag/beta launcher should be out...
  17. Sandy

    Game unplayable as soldier with retard tk point system

    All power to the Soldier mains!
  18. Sandy

    My Lesser Diety Brother, Edel

    Banned from every server any% speedrun
  19. Sandy

    I WILL be a jedi

    Thank you for your kind words. I grow happier knowing I'm your legal guardian by the day