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  1. Scuz

    Hosting Server Server not found on browser and cannot connect through console

    I have the correct port fowards on my router with the correct ipv4 as well as rules to allow 29070 on my firewall. It used to work just fine but I haven't launched it in probably a month and it just wont work now.
  2. Scuz

    Penekepack 2.4 // CLASSIC UI RESTORATION

    Does this replace or delete anything? Or just add on to
  3. Scuz

    NoobGuided Pack 3.1 | COMPATIBLE WITH v1.10

    Does this just add characters? Or does it remove/replace characters too?
  4. Scuz

    [SOLVED] Rtv dont open log file

    Fixed, replaced everything with a fresh install of the RTV and re-entered EVERYTHING needed.
  5. Scuz

    [SOLVED] Rtv dont open log file

    "ERROR cannot open log file. Permission denied"