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  1. The Unguided

    Add a Sullustan Jedi skin

    It doesn't matter if you know or not. What matters is if it's from an existing source of Star Wars or not, whether canon or legends movie/novel/game/comic whatever. If it's from a fan art with no story, no name, no background whatsoever, then it doesn't count. When you look at the current roster...
  2. The Unguided

    Moviebattles II Version Released

    Yes, it's the one what was fixed.
  3. The Unguided

    Moviebattles II Version Released

    TCW Plo's LOD issue has already been addressed, but thank you for feedback. It will be fixed. Although the legs shouldn't disappear even with broken LODs (I just tested) so that might be something else on your end. Gloved skin was always meant to be the real thing. His TCW appearance had the...
  4. The Unguided

    NoobGuided Pack 3.1 | COMPATIBLE WITH v1.10

    With MB2 V1.10 released, comes a compatibility update available now: DOWNLOAD NOOBGUIDED PACK VERSION 3.1
  5. The Unguided

    NoobGuided Pack 3.1 | COMPATIBLE WITH v1.10

    Some of them you'll see in the upcoming release.
  6. The Unguided

    NoobGuided Pack 3.1 | COMPATIBLE WITH v1.10

    Only add. Where it replaces it merely adds RGB support and stuff.
  7. The Unguided

    Wookiee bowcaster bolt replacement pack (last tested v1.9.3)

    Good job sir. Muzzle effect still hard-coded to red though T_T
  8. The Unguided

    Create an MB2 Map Tier List!

    Now that I call a real post.
  9. The Unguided

    Better Stuff That Needs To Be in The Game ASAP

    Community: never really complains about Yoda not being in Open mode Devs: Dagobah Luke gets added with Yoda in backpack Community: add Yoda pls Riiiiiiiight
  10. The Unguided

    Add female voice lines

    Sure, here we go.
  11. The Unguided

    Add female voice lines

    Frenzy and his friend put together a cool female voice pack which is unfinished but hardly noticeable that it is not finished. I use that for quite a while now. Would recommend it to be a thing until there's no better alternative.
  12. The Unguided

    Fixed Missing UI_Shaders

    Don't do this to me, lol. EDIT: Good catch once more. Looking forward to your time and effort to check as many maps as possible. Some haven't seen love for a long time. We don't always have the time to check every less popular FAs.
  13. The Unguided

    Confirmed Crusader Models not loading on castlevania

    Textures got lost somehow. Somebody accidentally deleted them it seems. I'm on it. Good catch.
  14. The Unguided

    Ben Swolo is the Chosen One

    In no time the sequels will be a source of memes as much as the prequels.:kitfisto:
  15. The Unguided

    Community Map Feedback

    Honestly I'd just let go of some CMP maps. They either need severe tweaking gameplay and balance-wise but cannot be done to the aforementioned reasons, or has quality issues, or nobody plays them. Waste of space for the most part.
  16. The Unguided

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    Ahahaha! Love this reaction.
  17. The Unguided

    Where are the Solo Children in MBII?

    Kind of. I personally consider audiobooks first. Then, if it wasn't available, then I look for something else. For instance, I could do Darth Plagueis' justice thanks to the amazing performance in the audiobook. For Caedus, there are 5-6 lines I find appropriate right now. Nonetheless it's not...
  18. The Unguided

    Where are the Solo Children in MBII?

    We got some variants of them in the Noobguided Pack (and elsewhere). But... problem is none of them has a strongly established look/outfit. Jaina = generic female pilot Jacen = Bespin Luke Anakin = either generic Jedi outfit or pilot in black jacket (he's the closest of what we'd need yet still...
  19. The Unguided

    Popular MB2 Theories

    Unguided can actually be guided.
  20. The Unguided

    Moviebattles II V1.9.1 Released

    Adding the same thing in updated quality model-wise is not removing something in our book. It has not much to do with preference. According to your train of thought we should have sticked to the old, bulky clone models too, right? To the old prequel jedi models with robes looking like a sail in...