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    UM_Bespin Map, where can I find it?

    why you would include such a scuffed version of the map in your video is beyond me... you literally could have contacted me on discord and I would have given you everything you needed so as to not have this... this is offensive to my eyes. I demand a deletion of the entire video so we can...
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    Dev Diary - Twenty Years of Movie Battles 2

    oh my god i love fricken star wars
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    Not a bug Visible Lightsaber on Olympus

    This is intentional
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    Dojo V2.1 - Progress Update

    I dunno why you feel like you need to expand this but I'm with ya on it. Loving the screenshots.
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    Marvel Map

    it seems Plasma didn't include an .arena file, so it won't show up in-game; you'll have to do /map marvel in console to start it, or if you have a server /rcon map marvel or /smod map marvel
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    duel office gone?

    the server you were playing on has removed it from the rtv list
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    Moviebattles II V1.9.1 Released

    yer this is my cat .gif
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    Marvel Map

    I've been looking forward to playing this, thanks Plasma
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    Partial fix Vehicle Related Issues

    * Vehicle explosions are killing players that are in a private duel
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    UM_Bespin Map, where can I find it?

    I'll send it to you in a private message
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    Coop for Movie Battles 2

    You can adjust entities and inject new ones into any mb2 map without it effecting anything outside of your server or locally hosted games. For example, you could delete all of the siege spawns (mb2 spawns) on mb2_smuggler and replace them with your own, and then add a bunch of new NPCs. I don't...
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    Guide: Creating a Custom Model (outdated)

    Normalize the audio to -3 to -1db and compress the peaks so you don't clip
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    Curious request? [Voice Line Change suggestion For kit Fisto]

    @TechnoGhosty Kit Fisto voice pack. Place the file into, ''Jedi Academy/GameData/MBII'' folder
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    Curious request? [Voice Line Change suggestion For kit Fisto]

    I'll find some time soon to put together a voice pack that includes the lines you have singled out.
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    Technical Issue Server crashing on map uM_xmas_bespin on open mode only

    Thanks for posting about this and sharing your crashlogs
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    Technical Issue Bespin V2 Error is a new bug?

    Did this cause you to crash? I'm running a fresh install of mb2 and that error didn't pop up in console for me
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    My Cloud City Shaft Map (RELEASED)

    It doesn't look like you have caulked the brush faces which aren't visible. Also, there is quite a bit of Z-fighting going on between brushes, but that's quite easy to fix you just need to move some stuff around. And Spag made some good points, as it is quite likely that your entire map is made...
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    My Cloud City Shaft Map (RELEASED)

    Looking much better. For that hallway, I suggest first removing the lights you've placed, and turn those yellow floor textures into a light source via a shader. Compile to see how it looks, and then if necessary add some soft lights or adjust the shader until you are satisfied. Also, it looks...
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    My Cloud City Shaft Map (RELEASED)

    Nice map, can I suggest experimenting more with lights? It seems you have cranked the ambient light all the way up, and this can result in a very flat looking map.
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    Any mods that improve Lightsabers glowing

    You can find JK2/JKA mods at This is the one I've been using: EpIII Sabers & Effects It adds a lot more sparks when your light saber passes through an object. Keep in mind there is a graphical bug for this mod, where every now and then parts of the world will flash black for half a...