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    lol 89 D;

    lol 89 D;
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    Lini's meme montages

    Lul - not bad. First one sucked tho. <3
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    Star Wars on Drugs - Movie Battles 2

    I giggled - also that crosshair. :(
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    Hello there! We are the Clone army of the Republic(CA).

    Well, shit. This whole thread made me giggle. Great content!
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    [Guide] The Dueling Compendium

    Ahh good ol Agent008 - loved duelling with him and losing even tho i was pretty good at duelling. He actually told me why he was good at it, i believe it was plain abusing certain animations and timings that caused him to wreck me + good aim (for mblock n other stuff). He was also good at...
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    Old MBII Videos

    @SeV Haha awesome - the legend of Xa4's wallrun must continue. I've seen mbt00 @Azuvector xD I was desperately searching on YouTube for Veshzan (Or Varlesh)'s videos. They were like i said on the post above small narratives. Wish i could find them somewhere. Also for people who are new here...
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    Old MBII Videos

    @Noob I was actually thinking the same thing, there should be an archive topic of all the old MB2 videos from back in B14 to current in order. Because between B14 and B18 i think we used to make actual 'movie scenes' which were hilarious, cool and painstakingly difficult to make. These scenes...
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    Official MBII Moments Series

    @Gargos <3
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    MB2's Map statement !

    @Lindsey Oh wow - good to hear you're still kicking it with the maps m8!
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    No but seriously...

    Sup, I'm an old player and haven't played in a while but i think this still applies: 1. Ask good dueling players to mentor you, pretty sure they'll teach. Back in the old days we actually learned many different styles of fighting and it was imho a lot of fun because of the quirks and sometimes...
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    Corellia: Past and Future

    @Spaghetti Very awesome job - you're doing the old creators credit imo.
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    Character Specific Voicechat Replacement Pack

    When are we getting a 'zzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzz' sound?
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    The Evolution of Duel of the Fates

    You never fail to amaze me MaceMadunusus. Got one suggestion though. Is it possible to add more props like lets say "flags" and such to colorize and fill up some space without affecting performance? I refer to the Side Route, some ropes with flags would make it neat or some organic stuff. This...
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    Frag Video to kick the year off

    very gud video D-;
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