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  1. Duckshark

    Technical Issue installed movie battles, game launches, missions fail to load and display white box error

    This is a forum for Movie Battles 2, not Movie Duels - they are different mods. Here is the discord for Movie Duels. Farewell.
  2. Duckshark

    Amateurz’s & Awsouki’s lovemade child, DDOS

    This forum area is for official server discussion, not for clan or custom servers. Also, this thread has devolved into people throwing insults, leaking IPs, and serious unfounded accusations, and is being locked for those reasons.
  3. Duckshark

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    Saber fix is still being worked on - some problems were fixed but other issues seem to persist in certain conditions, and Sneaky and I were regularly able to replicate issues despite some internal changes.
  4. Duckshark

    US US Official Servers Admin Application

    Please reconsider?
  5. Duckshark

    Shit TK System

    I believe it's because the side stab has a lingering hitbox that hits multiple times if the target is inside the hitbox. If they run into you while the spawnshield is still active, they continuously take "hits" which count towards TK points while not immediately dying due to the spawnshield...
  6. Duckshark

    Viability of shotguns in open

    IIRC there is a limitation on the number of blaster-style projectiles that can be created when a gun is fired at a time, so a shotgun would probably either have the hitscan bullets of the FA versions or have a more limited number of blaster bolts (i know 3 at once is possible, idk what the upper...
  7. Duckshark

    Feedback Thread: Saber Open Beta - May 4th 2023

    What happens in 1.9 is that you can try to swing after someone whiffs a swing and because their swing is still playing, you will parry them instead of hitting after they've missed. The parry window being too wide is one of the things artificially inflating survivability and the skill ceiling...
  8. Duckshark

    Feedback Thread: Saber Open Beta - May 4th 2023

    Personally feel like the faster duels are something that is a necessary step. I understand it feels like a huge step because mistakes are so much more punishing, but personally I think this increases the stratification between skill levels and also accelerates the Jedi vs. Jedi TTK, which is...
  9. Duckshark

    Create an MB2 Map Tier List!

    Reasonings: S-TIER: - Lunarbase offers enough vertical play and alternate routes that every class has an area of the map where it shines, and coordinated play is relatively balanced between offense and defense as long as the map population is appropriate (<9v9) - Echobase has one of the better...
  10. Duckshark

    Ruptor fp dmg is too damn high

    Arc sniper is strong because you can fire it while running with hero speed and while jumping/falling/wallrunning/rolling etc. with a lot of shots in the mag. EE3 sniper is 3 shots with significant individual delay while needing to let go of WASD to fire, which is just overall not as good. Since...
  11. Duckshark

    Remove the TK system and friendly fire altogether.

    Suggestion's been made and rejected too many times already. Locking thread because every point to be made has been made on previous forum/discord posts.
  12. Duckshark

    Vote kick or mechanic to prevent laming and timewasting

    You could tie it to TK points, anyone above the spec-tk limit is eligible and otherwise you can't be chosen to get vote-kicked.
  13. Duckshark

    Add specific numbers to the library please

    It only applies to some guns, so for example the disruptor rifle has different armor bypass rules, which is why it can onetap most ARCs to the chest still with a full 150 base damage shot, and the projectile rifle bypasses a good deal of armor value as well. However, for most guns like the E11...
  14. Duckshark

    Add specific numbers to the library please

    FP drains will be included in the UI in a future update. I should go through and redo the library numbers, tbh. Thanks for reminding me to do that, but tbh it's fucking hard to find where everything goes sometimes. For reference, I tested these values in game for you. Wrist laser base damage...
  15. Duckshark

    Hosting Server Server mods or plugin?

    The MBII project is closed-source, and currently there are no 3rd party gameplay mods for MBII, as to preserve a unified multiplayer experience. If you would like to play JKA with different gameplay, I would suggest making gameplay suggestions in the relevant areas on the forum, or playing with...
  16. Duckshark

    Unban request - 1tk

    This section is for "GAME OFFICIAL SERVERS" only. AOD has their own place for unban requests from their servers: If you have been kicked/banned from our server Closing the thread for irrelevant request.
  17. Duckshark

    Popular MB2 Theories

    1. The DDOS is an organized hit job by the Mouse™. 2. Every clan is just a revolving door of the same people labeling themselves differently and doing the same things. 3. Every single Melee Mando is, in fact, the same person. Will the real Melee Mando please stand up? 4. TKer Padawan is...
  18. Duckshark

    Fixed Droideka can't open or close the window in mb2_smuggler

    This is part of a larger issue of droideka not being able to "use" certain buttons or hacks on various maps and isn't an isolated issue for mb2_smuggler. Another confirmed case is that droideka cannot open the middle door on mb2_citadel, though there are plenty more that I can't remember off the...
  19. Duckshark

    Fixed Two sonic detonator bugs (animation lock, friendly fire)

    Sonic nades are designed to ignore all barriers on a map. Their effect occurs on everyone within the radius, no matter where they are or what obstacles are between the nade and the target. You can see how this might be useful for clearing out people hiding near doors or throwing unpushable...