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  1. Pahricida

    Sup you old fart! <3

    Sup you old fart! <3
  2. Pahricida

    wow so much vet.

    wow so much vet.
  3. Pahricida

    Jeff's Gran Soldier RGB replacement

    Just replace the in the pk3 with this one:
  4. Pahricida

    Jeff's Gran Soldier RGB replacement

    I took Jeff's Gran soldier kitbash and made it rgb compatible and replaced the standard BH gran with it. Enjoy ;)!TeIy2KwY!OUDO12nmpjsi_Vd0g53E3EBCAwmiW3idLbJHLPN4SCg
  5. Pahricida

    15 Years of Movie Battles

    Color me impressed! I was Goddamn 16 years old when I joined MB2 crazy to see it come so far.
  6. Pahricida

    Dxun: A New Level Inspired by KOTOR II

    Looking good it's nice to see this project finally get out.
  7. Pahricida

    Moviebattles Official Discord Server

    Why did it take me so long to get there? I like discord reminds me of the IRC days.
  8. Pahricida

    Scott The Scout's Shitshop

    You'd have to replace the model .glm aswell. I also just learned that Infinity Blade, maker of the Merc Kyle Model and brother to Hapslash passed away in 2011 :(
  9. Pahricida

    Scott The Scout's Shitshop

    Those are 2 different models thats why it doesn't work.
  10. Pahricida

    Star Wars Movie Battles II Steam Custom Image

    Uhm .. why only Ep VII and Rogue One characters ?
  11. Pahricida

    Locating the sound folder for Kit Fisto

  12. Pahricida

    WORST Star Wars?

    Episode VII is a better movie but a worse Star Wars.
  13. Pahricida

    WORST Star Wars?

    VII worst easily. Fan catering remake bullshit.
  14. Pahricida

    FFA Carbon Freeze - attempting to convert it into an MB2 map

    Do you have the .map file? If not it's not gonna happen.
  15. Pahricida

    Moonman's retarded meme vids

    Ay Kollege wat stimmt nicht mit dir?
  16. Pahricida

    MB2 Official Event: Spin!

    unrelated funfact: I mashed that statue model together from Rosh Penin's head & torso and Palpys arms & legs. Thats why it looks a little weird but hey that was ~10 years ago.
  17. Pahricida

    Site revamped? Old Users Accounts gone?

    Wait let me fix that ...
  18. Pahricida

    Site revamped? Old Users Accounts gone?

    Thats nothing to how old this Pokémon stuff is making me feel. I played that shit 17 years ago :S
  19. Pahricida

    Site revamped? Old Users Accounts gone?

    Hey man! As you can see MB2 is still all about people arguing. The holy grounds where everything is tl;dr. Welcome back. (Onyx - Slam Harder starts playing in head) PS: I'M NOT FUCKING 30 YET .. YAY!