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  1. Bernan

    Moviebattles II V1.10.0.5 Released

    If you nerfed lunge into oblivion at least add it to staff, I'm pretty sure the animation is alright and I wont cut my head off
  2. Bernan

    Feedback Thread: v1.10 Open Beta - Nov. 13th 2023

    nominate mb2_Enclave Can you try running female v81 (Chargee) voiceline through some raspy filter so it sounds more akin to male one? Other than that the female voicelines are a very nice addition! I still think Wrist Lasur should deal lots of dmg up close and 0 afar
  3. Bernan

    Dev Diary - Manaan

    You forgot to mention how good the musik is! I really like the multi objective, it fits the large map well.
  4. Bernan

    Dev Diary - Enclave Layout Update

    Very nice! Hope the musik and bombardment are still there <3
  5. Bernan

    Dev Diary - A Beta and a Mandalorian

    If you want lorecanon Mando consider making Wrist Lasur dealing 150% dmg at very close range and 50% at any longer than ~5 meters
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  7. Bernan


    Damn, I always enjoyed your cringeloling and trolling... I get you bro, these past few years took a toll on me and I tried 'venting' it through my online persona but it may have actually worsened my state. Thank you for all the good memories and I hope I see you again around when we are both in...
  8. Bernan

    PUG 1 EU! Friday 25th 7pm UTC - CANCELED

    Sign me up, I will confirm my presence by Wednesday