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  1. MaxorMjauCRO

    We made a Tower Defence game in MBII

    Official Mann vs. Machine gamemode when?
  2. MaxorMjauCRO

    De wanna wanga?

    De wanna wanga?
  3. MaxorMjauCRO

    Dev Diary - Enclave Layout Update

    Yesss, enclave update! Even though it wasn't a very popular map, it was very fun to play! Looking forward to seeing Enclave more often! :gooood:
  4. MaxorMjauCRO

    Hello, new player here. I don't think this game is any good

    Hey, the man says he's never played! He didn't say "I've never been active in MB2 forums." Duuh
  5. MaxorMjauCRO

    Thoughts on Yavin Birds

    Chaos is fun! Don't remove the birds pls
  6. MaxorMjauCRO

    Penekepack 2.4 // CLASSIC UI RESTORATION

    What do you like about Penekepack?
  7. MaxorMjauCRO

    I don't know how to put skins in the game but this is my character suggestion

    Here's the Peneke Pack thread where you'll find the features and the download link:
  8. MaxorMjauCRO

    Dev Diary - Game Stats

    Sorry, the comment I posted above was just an attempt at a joke! God forbid someone agrees with what I wrote! I had read the main post and I understood that no private data would be gathered. For the record, I think it's a great idea and I hope it will make it easier for you to see what needs...
  9. MaxorMjauCRO

    Dev Diary - Game Stats

    Now my data won't be safe even when playing MBII! Is there a single company out there which isn't trying to steal my data?! smh my head
  10. MaxorMjauCRO

    Hello Galaxy

    Since no one has done it yet, I will do what I must.
  11. MaxorMjauCRO

    Where tf is all dueling servers?

    Official EU servers are always empty and I don't know why! I usually join official EU Full Authentic and more players come after they see at least someone playing. I suggest going to any duel only server as long as it has low ping. You won't meet many beginner players unless you're lucky...
  12. MaxorMjauCRO

    Complete noob looks for secret knowledge to be OP in no time.

    Have you already checked these out: - Saber Dueling Noel's Dueling Guide [Updated for 1.5!!!!!!!!!!!!] -Beginner guide: My First Day in MBII Glad to see you're enjoying the game! :D
  13. MaxorMjauCRO

    May the fourth be with you!

    May the fourth be with you!
  14. MaxorMjauCRO

    If you !p somebody his TK on you won't affect your score!

    I'd say it's the other way around. You are actually punishing your own team... :p
  15. MaxorMjauCRO

    Making New Content is Pointless Now

    I wouldn't worry if I were you! You've made an awesome map and I'm sure the majority (if not everyone!) will appreciate your hard work. Based on everything you've done and what you've shown us, I think the map will turn out great!
  16. MaxorMjauCRO

    Increase TK Points For Hurting Allied Jedi/Sith

    Why would you have to stop using nades if a teammate purposefully walks into them? It's not your fault for trying to play the game and trying to nade the enemy. You shouldn't be punished because someone is trolling and wants you to rack up TK points. Edit: On second thought, you're right... :)...
  17. MaxorMjauCRO

    Feedback Thread: Open Beta (after V1.4.9) - Drop 4

    Here's why I support that change. You'll see more new players who are trying to be useful, but end up shooting / killing their teammates instead. You can always warn them in chat before you start punishing.
  18. MaxorMjauCRO

    Feedback Thread: Open Beta (after V1.4.9) - Drop 4

    Maybe you're taking it to the extreme, but I'm not sure. I'd definitely be satisfied with the already proposed change - Projectile rifle is accurate after 1 second of standing still.