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  1. MuscleWizzard

    sentinel bans me for hacking

    it took us a little bit but at least you told the truth for once in this thread
  2. MuscleWizzard

    sentinel bans me for hacking

    Wild how you keep hiding behind the shield of "muh education" when you're so clearly wrong in everything you're stating, goofball. Get out of the thread since you're clearly to good to be talking to the unwashed masses gross frenchie
  3. MuscleWizzard

    sentinel bans me for hacking

    also wild to roast the black man for not being educated. i aint never heard some shit like that without an nwah getting lambasted 😭😭😭
  4. MuscleWizzard

    sentinel bans me for hacking

    bro get off the computer you're not helping yourself. you already said "Goodbye" and you're still in the thread.
  5. MuscleWizzard

    sentinel bans me for hacking

    The absolute state of sentinelcucks
  6. MuscleWizzard

    Dev Diary - Enclave Layout Update

    You should totally make a duel friendly version of the map with the only difference being a lack of orbital bombardment. Besides that this is fire
  7. MuscleWizzard

    Sadmin Abuse In CB Training Duels LoL

    Cope. It is now my mission to admin abuse you mid duel if you're ever on to see you cry like a bitch more on the forums, too.
  8. MuscleWizzard

    Spice Pack v2.5 Update

    The more bastila skins are added, the more classes I play. Keep up the good work
  9. MuscleWizzard

    My god. (credits to gerber.boi)

    working as intended 👍
  10. MuscleWizzard

    H.B. Pack 7.6 is out // PATCH FOR RELEASED.

    I think Sariss is broken.
  11. MuscleWizzard


    will participate
  12. MuscleWizzard

    SERVER New CB 24/7 Map Poll

    Come on everyone. You know you want Enclave