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  1. BobbaFetus

    Increase sharpness (nvidia cards only)

    Yo waddup its ya boi, unfriendly neighbourhood fetus coming back at it again. Today I would like to share a way to bring back sharpness slider in nvidia control panel to make game look more crisp. Download (pick the Enable Old Sharpening Back With Display Scaling.reg) Step 1. Run the regedit as...
  2. BobbaFetus

    General Grievous Voice Impression

    Good job, keep it up!
  3. BobbaFetus

    Fetus Crosshair

    So I made myself a crosshair, but i'm sharing it if anyone might like it. I gave it black borders so it doesn't blend so much with surroundings when you move it fast. Replaces 10th crosshair. You can change the color, of course. Stats: Speed +10% Accuracy +15% Update: Added 2 more from kovaaks...
  4. BobbaFetus

    Stop reworking the sabering system

    I concur with your statement.
  5. BobbaFetus

    moviebattles 2 video - lets play battlefront

    Whats the map at 5:26? It looks cool
  6. BobbaFetus

    The day has come

  7. BobbaFetus

    Clone Wars 2003 addon pack(updated to 1.9.2)

    Already answered in-game, but for anyone else wondering yeh you can use both.
  8. BobbaFetus

    Clone Wars 2003 addon pack(updated to 1.9.2)

    Some characters have a few skins. Drop it into Gamedata/MBII/ Notes: There are some bugs, SBD uses old animations. Credits: Psyk0Sith, Monsoontide, Omeewan
  9. BobbaFetus

    Fartpack (1.1 ver) (updated to 1.9.2)

    Yo waddup, its ya boi, back at it again. Dengar(CW), Kallus, Krennic(no cape), , Gov.Pryce,, Police droid, Kao Cen Darach, Grand inquisitor and sounds for senate commando. Also adds westar-35 (replaces ee-3 aka boba fet's gun). If you don't like westar-35, open the .pk3 file with winrar or...
  10. BobbaFetus

    Force Ghosts in Spectator Mode for Powerbattles

    are you even a gamer?
  11. BobbaFetus

    Party rockers in the house tonight

    Can i kiss you?
  12. BobbaFetus

    Party rockers in the house tonight

    Replaces mb2_tatooine cantina music with party rockers. Drop it in Gamedata/MBII and you're good to go. Will have to wait a few weeks till someone picks mb2_tatooine in rtv though.
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  14. BobbaFetus

    Whossa are youssa?

    Whossa are youssa?
  15. BobbaFetus

    Joker (2019) Skinpack

    Im the jokah, baybeh!
  16. BobbaFetus

    increase fp drains

    remove snipers too