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  1. TheRanger1245

    Version 1.10 Open Beta

    Great job on the update guys! This all sounds fantastic! I always had a suspicion that the armor wasn't working as intended. I'm glad it's getting fixed.
  2. TheRanger1245

    Please make Duel mode regen on kill optional

    Dear Tempest, Thank you for the quick reply, and for sharing your arcane knowledge. I would still ask that there would be a way to make this visible, but I am happy that it exists at all. Sincerely, TheRanger1245
  3. TheRanger1245

    Please make Duel mode regen on kill optional

    Dear MB2 development team, Recently, I have participated in on the spot team battles in duel mode, but I find regen on kill makes things unbalanced. Could we please make this something we can manually toggle off (and have a server notification as proof)? Perhaps even make it a private duel...
  4. TheRanger1245

    Technical Issue Steam deck installation help needed please

    Ok guys. I used the guide spaghetti posted as a base and got a modded steam jedi academy install working. Here are the basic steps. And yes. I did go test this on an actual server this time. Rough guide to get what I have working here. Download Luxtorpeda from protonupqt (Install fromm Discover...
  5. TheRanger1245

    Technical Issue Steam deck installation help needed please

    Yeah I only opened the firing range. Man. You can...dock it and use a mouse and keyboard? Thanks for your input? Yeah you're right I'm an idiot.
  6. TheRanger1245

    Technical Issue Steam deck installation help needed please

    Yeah oops. See better working guide below.
  7. TheRanger1245

    Semi Serious Suggestion 7: Saber throw

    Everyone wants saber throw to be a part of movie battles, right? It's so cool and flashy, but would be overpowered. Or would it be? Here is my proposal on a balanced form of saber throw. First of all, the default saber throw should remain as is. Anything better needs to be a purchasable...
  8. TheRanger1245

    New Series: Playing MB2 Wrong

    It's been a while since I posted anything. Eh. Here you go.
  9. TheRanger1245

    Fixed Over the shoulder cam is broken

    In the spirit of Spaghetti's comments, I guess I'll point this out. The over-the-shoulder camera option in the settings is broken. It's angle is way too sharp, making it impossible to use in combat. A lot of players do not even know about this function due to it being broken beyond use. Will...
  10. TheRanger1245

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    Hahahaha, so you can punch or shoot your teammates who are useless? I am sure that is not the intention, but the way that is worded is hilarious. I am glad that the system was toned down a bit, it was pretty ridiculous for a while.
  11. TheRanger1245

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    Sorry to bother you spag, but just wanna ask a quick question. Is not being able to fullscreen MB2 when it set at a lower resolution anymore intentional? I'm using jamp.
  12. TheRanger1245

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    Click on server version and choose 'latest'.
  13. TheRanger1245

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    Interesting how I accidentally suggested something similar in my last post haha. Wow. I'm not going to have to stop for a split second now? Is this even MB2???? 0_0 helpmeguystheywontletmeou- This is a heavy deka nerf, but a good one. The other upgrades were overshadowed because running was...
  14. TheRanger1245

    Discussion start for new features for MBII version 2.0

    The game is currently balanced on not having any sort of healer class, so idk about that. The game is also balanced around lack of ammo for some weapons (E.g. Proj and Plex). Not trying to be a killjoy here btw. (If the devs do have extra time, just look at my suggestion posts. ;} ) Edit: The...
  15. TheRanger1245

    Semi Serious Suggestion 6: Ion Nades for BH

    Why not give Bounty Hunters grenades? I know a droid class for rebels is in the works, and it fits the class well enough. Electric effects also disable dodge, and most Sith do not hyper focus on not letting heroes and ETs dodge. The Ions could have a slightly different skin, and should...
  16. TheRanger1245

    Let the Telos nade fest continue

    Ewwww. Imagine making more than 1 video a year for your youtube channel. (GJ)
  17. TheRanger1245

    Help with Gunner vs Jedi fights

    The Mandolorian's Flamethrower can be used to ward off Jedi at midrange. It deals unblockable damage. Just do not use it at melee range, it decreases in damage the closer the enemy is. At long range you want to hit them as much as possible and make it so your closer (More force point...
  18. TheRanger1245

    Wookie Health 1 upgrades?

    Edit: I mean HP upgrade level 0. Anyone who plays Wookie looks at the HP upgrade and is appalled at how low it can go. 100 HP for a wookie? What. Only Soldiers (Reinforcements), Wookies, and SBDs (Battery) have upgrades that they cannot live without. I have already voiced my thoughts on...