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  1. Onysfx

    Movie Battles II V1.6.2 Released

    The library also needs updating. I feel arcs need some changes too, you can't diversity your build enough if you invest all in stamina and Dex. And I know this has been said to death, but im tired of firing 5 shots into a jedi, he survives and sabers me. Jedi/sith get so many second chances...
  2. Onysfx

    The current version of moviebattles is the worst balanced iteration since 2008

    Just got to this thread and read the first few posts. I agree with nearly everything qwerty and Old Ben said. @Tempest ARC Suggestions: Roll recovery should be a default ability for arc, or only require Dex 1. Being an arc player myself, they definitely need cheaper abilities. Dex 3 is too...
  3. Onysfx


    I'd like to see my earlier proposal for lightning: -If you go below 0 FP, you can keep using lightning, but drain your own health and go into negative FP points. -When going into negative FP, the cool down will be much larger and slow the player speed (I'm too weak don't kill me, pleeee) -Once...
  4. Onysfx


    I think we just need more open betas to avoid threads like this.
  5. Onysfx

    Gas Stassin: A Modest Proposal

    You didn't actually delete it....right?
  6. Onysfx

    Gas Stassin: A Modest Proposal

    Best thing is more open betas IMO. We got tons of feedback from those and it's easy for everyone to participate on their own time.
  7. Onysfx

    Gas Stassin: A Modest Proposal

    No need for a vote.
  8. Onysfx

    Imp vs. Reb Variety

    I would definitely like to see some more unique abilities for ET's besides just being buffed soldiers. Deployable shields for ET's sounds like an interesting idea.
  9. Onysfx

    v1.5 increased projectile speeds: discussion

    True, I haven't been around as long as B16, or seen the days of mandos with proj rifles, as you will no doubt point out, but I've been here since B19 and still seen plenty of changes.
  10. Onysfx

    v1.5 increased projectile speeds: discussion

    Not at all. It's easier for me to get kills now. The problem is this will affect gameplay in other ways. Dekas will get creamed even more so now because of the faster speeds. Deka could be buffed to make up for this of course (not buffing the shield strength, see the deka thread somewhere here)...
  11. Onysfx

    v1.5 increased projectile speeds: discussion

    Just got to this thread, probably missed a bunch of stuff. I would personally vote for only a 5 percent increase rather than 15 percent. Part of what makes it MBII is the shot prediction, I find blaster bolts staying out longer also makes suppressive fire more useful, and makes you feel more...
  12. Onysfx

    Jedi vs Droideka is COMPLETELY BROKEN

    Dekas certainly are somewhat decent in a long narrow corridor with long range (as they should be). But everywhere else, especially in open areas, they get slaughtered. I feel the best way to counter this would just be to give dekas emp by default, and have emp blasts knock down gunners. This...
  13. Onysfx

    Feedback Thread: 1.5

    Been like that for years, should have reported it years ago but I forgot lol.
  14. Onysfx

    Jedi vs Droideka is COMPLETELY BROKEN

    After playing deka regularly for sometime just for a change of class, I absolutely agree. Without discharge, deka is pretty well dead against jedi. I was shooting a jedi down side corridor and drained all his fp, hit him a few times, and he still survived, jumped ontop and killed me. @ez.HTD I...
  15. Onysfx

    15 Years of Movie Battles

    I think he's referencing this scene XD:
  16. Onysfx

    15 Years of Movie Battles

    There needs to be a dedicated tutorial for palpy forcewhoring. ...on a serious note, I agree on simplifying the menu, although I'll miss the old one (that's nostalgia talking of course). -Tutorial looking great, so good you could almost make a whole campaign out of it. Excellent...
  17. Onysfx

    Droideka Change

    Pulse nades should definitely be cheaper, perhaps same price as poisons.
  18. Onysfx

    Appo's Arc Feedback for [CURRENT UPDATE NUMBER HERE]

    Now that you put it that way, I have to agree with you. Pulse nades should be only 5 points each. The only thing I fear though, is pulse nade spam. You can completely destroy the imps with that type of thing, plus the arc will have more points for rockets and a rifle.