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  1. Flokker

    Worrysome Wristblaster

    Hey, hello there. I know we've had a thread by Smee in 2017 about it, but nothing much of actual discussion. So, I don't know how it'll be in the new patch. But as it stands now, I feel like the wristblaster is absolutely beyond ass. And here's why: 1) The recharge rate is slow 2) Having to...
  2. Flokker

    Suggestion for the Arc's rifle, the M5

    So I've been trying to explore the ARC's M5 rifle a bit over the course of this week. And I've come to find out that its actually quite good, I do believe that there are some problems that need to be adressed: 1) The clip you have is way too small for what the gun actually provides in damage...