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  1. Palpy

    [Dead] Penekepack Vanilla Edition - This pk3 was NTR'ed by new update

    PENEKES ORIGINAL MOD Brief description of modded pk3: - Vanilla backgrounds - Vanilla cursor - New UI but vanilla menu - Vanilla effects - Vanilla Force icons - Vanilla loading screens - Vanilla console - And the most important vanilla player models - pk3 takes only 3,16 MB compared to original...
  2. Palpy

    Drunk Battles 2?

  3. Palpy

    [NON OFFICIAL ADDON] PNK pack without graphic additions

    I Decide to post my pk3 file that i created a few days ago. How you already can see it's Penekepack without new graphic effects, hilts and playermodels. But there're still new backgrounds, new ingame menu buttons like "Music" or "Optimization" and new class configuration menu. Links below...