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  1. isair

    [Beta] Improved Graphics Mod (Pre-configured QEffectsGL)

    Screenshots [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Features - Ambient Occlusion. Objects will properly block ambient light, making the areas around them (and on them) where light can't fall darker. - Depth of field. - Colour correction to make scenes more cinematic while...
  2. isair

    (Closed Beta) A New, Modern Hosting Service

    Follow the development process here A small screenshot of how the logs look on Discord with our service Hi, everyone! We all know there haven't been too many improvements in terms of server-side tools for Jedi Academy / MovieBattles II in a long time. This has negatively affected the...
  3. isair

    JAControl - Remotely Control Your Servers (Open Source)

    Download from GitHub Releases This is an application for sending rcon commands to Jedi Academy servers without going in game. Added servers will be synced using OneDrive for Windows. For other operating systems there is no automatic syncing capability but your data will persist between...
  4. isair


    I've been playing MBII on and off for years. Since I started taking a more active role in the community, I thought I should leave an introduction in this section. I'm Baris. Graduated computer engineering in Turkey, found a job in the US in a start-up as their first engineer 6 months later and...
  5. isair

    Would enforcing paired duels work?

    While working on improving the lamer detection system in my dueling server I thought about one possible method that if people find to be not too much of a bother, will solve the laming issue entirely. I'm thinking of dueling requests, accepting dueling requests, and treating of any unpaired kill...
  6. isair

    SERVER {SF} Tips, Anti Spam, Forwarding of In-Game Reports to Discord & More

    Description All servers are located in Paris. Map lists are up to date with the latest patch, separated into two lists based on suitability, and available for voting via RTV. I am actively making changes with the aim to improve the user onboarding experience and solve some of the issues...
  7. isair

    Mac launcher sets the master server wrong

    sv_master1 is which causes no servers to be found.
  8. isair

    SERVER [Open Source] [RTV] US Duel, FA, and Open Servers.

    Most official and community maps are available for voting using RTV. The message of the day of all servers include instructions on how to use RTV. Other features: - Anti-cheat and flood protection enabled. - Unpure clients (modified pk3 files) are welcome. - Automatic team balancing is turned...
  9. isair

    [Guide] Mac Installation

    Hey, everyone! First-time poster, long-time player here. Thought I should share here the steps I used to get MB2 working on my Mac. 1. Install Jedi Academy. The rest of this guide assumes you've installed it via Steam to simplify the rest of the process. 2. Download the latest MB2 launcher for...