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  1. Flokker

    Rest in peace man, gone but never forgotten. Thanks for everything.

    Rest in peace man, gone but never forgotten. Thanks for everything.
  2. Flokker

    B17 anyone?

  3. Flokker

    Farewell, Pepsi, old friend...

    Pepsi my guy. You were there on my first day of mb2 and helped me like no other player. Thanks for being such a great friend. RIP.
  4. Flokker


    You've obviously never seen me, ULLR, Turtle, Gumba or Sunflower play M5. I think I'm one of the main reasons people want to see this weapon nerfed on EU. Not even shitting here. When devs said M5 was going to get a damage upgrade many, many years ago, I distinctly remember crying out against...
  5. Flokker

    The Interesting State of This Community

    Oh my, yes. As elitist and prickish as I may be in game, that is but a sniff of the best non-elitist tiered guy on Quake 3.
  6. Flokker

    Worrysome Wristblaster

    After being sick for a few days I'm back to terrorize the forums. It would actually be really cool if Mandalorian got the projectile rifle back in a spiritual successor like this. But as it stands now, if they upgrade the wristblaster, I do think Mandawhorian needs a nerf on the EE3 front.
  7. Flokker

    Worrysome Wristblaster

    Hey, hello there. I know we've had a thread by Smee in 2017 about it, but nothing much of actual discussion. So, I don't know how it'll be in the new patch. But as it stands now, I feel like the wristblaster is absolutely beyond ass. And here's why: 1) The recharge rate is slow 2) Having to...
  8. Flokker

    Calling all Melee gods

    I think the backwards grab has prioritisation over front kata / grabs. I'm not 100% about this though.
  9. Flokker

    Feedback Thread: Open Beta (after V1.4.9) - Drop 4

    Whoops, double post. Is it just me or does the force draining on jedi / sith just feel all over the place, also, I've literally seen elite troopers tank project rifle shots, whats goin' on here!?
  10. Flokker

    Feedback Thread: Open Beta (after V1.4.9) - Drop 4

    When I was playing Clone Trooper yesterday, I noticed that at certain moments I have extremely high stamina regen, despite not having any points invested into stamina regen at all. It almost resembles that old bug where you could keep running without any stamina by spamming the button. Also...
  11. Flokker

    Suggestion for the Arc's rifle, the M5

    Haha, I've been kicking quite some ass aswell, but the second upgrade for arc to shoot straight is effectively useless. 6 point waste. (Who cares about shooting straight all time when dex 3 gives you that option with snipe anyway)
  12. Flokker

    [video] MBII UK meet up

    So basically it was like a real life mb2 match? No one trying to kill eachother and having a huge chatbox where everyone talks shit on everyone and their moms? CLASSIC EM BEE TOO.
  13. Flokker

    It is time to become one

    Lost it immediately at grip lvl 3. Classic mists of pandaria clan.
  14. Flokker

    Ben's Useful Replacements: Jihadist Mandalorian

    I see what you did there.
  15. Flokker

    Suggestion for the Arc's rifle, the M5

    Is it me or is the hitbox on the bullets also really small? I feel like I'm shooting wood splinters here.
  16. Flokker

    Ben's Useful Replacements: Jihadist Mandalorian

    You'll be no match for my priest's pushing power.
  17. Flokker

    Lerv's Useless Replacements: Wheelchair Morgan (deka)

    Don't forget this is the man who made the vuvuzela clone rifle replacement. My face when I think of that.
  18. Flokker

    Proposal: Voice Game System

    Forget all what you said, I WANT GET TO THE GUNS BACK, please devs, holy shit, GET TO THE GUNS and Air support + too many of them. Also, I need a tech over here!!! Too lazy to change the options for the resolution. PS: Lol old throne opening animations
  19. Flokker

    Introduction of Me

    First things first, tape a brick to your walk button
  20. Flokker

    Suggestion for the Arc's rifle, the M5

    It's highly catered at high skill cap. The damage buff on the primary was unneeded this past build; call me crazy, I truly mean that. I do think I should be able to choose wether or not to spray or shoot straight if I'm going to be paying those 6 points. It's like, herp derp, I'll use pistol 3...