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  1. thebiggerboat3

    [SOLVED] MBII Zoomed into upper left corner of screen

    I'm not entirely sure if it's a resolution issue or what, but upon launching the game, the screen is zoomed into the upper left corner of the screen and cuts off the rest dramatically. I tried to see if just launching Jedi Academy on it's own could replicate the issue, but the game works just...
  2. thebiggerboat3

    Grip Broken

    Problem: Grip 3 can't maintain grip for more than one second. It just cancels out after initially gripping. Means of duplicating issue: Try using grip 3. I don't know how to record stuff, terribly sorry about that.
  3. thebiggerboat3

    Making Voice Lines For MBII Models

    Lately I've been trying to make my own voice lines to replace the vanilla ones, but I seem to be stumped. MBII is being very selective of which .mp3 files play when I taunt/victory, only playing certain ones while ignoring the others. I am using Audacity for the sound creation. Is there a...
  4. thebiggerboat3

    Launcher [Windows 8.1] VM_Create on UI failed error

    After attempting to install a skin pack, my Movie Battles 2 no longer functions properly. If I try launching from the MBII launcher, I get this as an error: Z_Free(): Corrupt zone header! Strange enough, it seems to be launching from the SP instead of the MP. I also tried launching from the MP...